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Wondrous Item, common

Garfield Pouches are a fabulous item originally created by the wizard Leon Maltiz Redficker, they were then recreated in mass and offered to the general populace by one Edward Garfield who stumbled upon the design while pilfering Redfickers corpse after an unfortunate "mishap". The usefulness of the designs is without doubt, but sadly lack standards for mass production coupled with unfettered counterfeiting has led to immense harm to the brand name. Few credible merchants will deal with the product unless they can be %100 sure of the source, and no military will touch them after the Tross Brigade famine as a result of faulty ration pouches (though some would argue those pouches were actually sabotaged by opposing forces).

A Garfield Pouch may be worn on any belt, bandolier, boot strap or fastened to oneself in any manner you desire however if more than 8 are maintained in close proximity of one another all cease to function until separated. Due to the unique nature of the self-contained dimensional magic if you are also in possession of a portable hole, bag of holding or handy haversack these items count as 2 pouches each, or 3 for the haversack. The usual effected can be expected from placing any of the stated items in a pouch, pouch in a stated item or a pouch in a pouch.

Listed below are the most common pouches and their most common counterfeit. Many more are known to exist but their effects are not well documented, and counterfeit version effects too numerous to name.

Pouch Mark 1: The first and most common of all pouches, the M1 for short resembles a standard belt pouch with buckle and the effect is similar to a small bag of holding. Capable of carrying up to 1 cu. ft. of materials with a combined weight of no more than 10lbs. the pouch itself never weighs more than 1lb. Items may be drawn from the pouch without provoking an attack of opportunity.
Counterfeit: Look and effect is similar (there is no way to tell the 2 apart by appearance alone) however multiple bags (usually no more than 1d12+2) are linked to the same dimensional space. While theft is a concern this has actually proven beneficial in some circumstances as being in possession of multiple pouches linked to the same space can allow one to transfer goods a great distance with low risk. Unfortunately nearly all attempts to purposely reproduce this effect with the same dimension fail.
An M1 bag has an estimated market value of 100gp (verified) while a Counterfeit can fetch 5-5,000gp depending on known linked pouches (the price multiples by a factor of 10 depending on the number of linked bags for sale) and demeanor of the users of said pouches.

Pouch Mark 5: The effects of 2-4 may never be known, and perhaps that is for the best. Similar to the M1 however the item you are attempting to draw is always at the top and may be drawn as a bonus action.
Counterfeit: Nowhere near as useful as the M1, these knockoffs randomly shift what dimensional space they access, as such anyone who realizes their pouch is a knockoff usually stores nothing but junk in it. Roll 1d10, anything other than 1 (your pouch, lucky you) results in you pulling out anything from a wad of scrap paper to a handful of goblin sh*t. (DMs discretion for item retrieved)
M5 pouch can fetch as high as 250gp (verified), known knockoffs are worthless unless being sold to unscrupulous buyers for resale even then only worth a paltry sum. (IF BUYER WISHES TO TEST POUCH DM SHOULD ALWAYS ROLL 1D10 BEHIND SCREEN, BUYER MAY ONLY TEST ONCE UNLESS VERY PERSUASIVE)

Ration Pouch: Slightly bigger than the M1 or M5, Lifting this pouches flap reveals 2 compartments where both a small canteen of water and packet of rations reside. Where it comes from no one knows but at dawn, noon and dusk, providing the flap is closed, the canteen fills with water and the rations refresh. While not abundant, the contents provides enough substance to last, with average exertion, until the next meal. The canteen must be in its pouch to refill, and absent canteen the rations will fail to refresh. After the dusk meal 2 silver pieces must be placed where the rations appear, otherwise the pouch fails to produce rations until such action is taken (water is always provided)
Counterfeit: Nearly impossible to detect as the pouch acts the same, however after a period of paying the 2sp a day, instead of rations the bag produces a bill for an exuberant sum (50-500gp) and will not function until said bill is paid (a charisma (persuasion) dc 20 check written response (your writing, of course its a high dc) can allow the bill to be deferred for 1d20 days to allow you to attempt to sale the pouch)
Due to the usefulness one can expect to pay up to 300gp for a ration pouch, alas due to said usefulness 2 out of 3 pouches are counterfeit, hopefully your ration supplier is reasonable.

Coin Pouch: A small pouch that can store any number of coins, when opening the owner must picture the amount they wish to withdraw in their minds and the pouch will provide exactly that amount in the denominations requested, making change if necessary it was originally conceived as a deterrent to pickpockets.
Counterfeit: Although many types exist the most common pouch refuses to produce anything other than copper pieces.
One can expect to pay 150gp for a coin pouch, one should also test the pouch excessively both before purchase and after.

Critter Pouch: Counts as 2 pouches, and can hold 1 medium creature, 3 small creatures or 8 or tiny or smaller creatures. While in the pouch each creature is considered to be in an environment suitable for them to survive, however they must be brought from the bag to receive nourishment.
Counterfeit: The environment suddenly alters or ceases completely.
400gp with buckle, 450gp without and 500gp for pouch with locking clasp.

Haverpouch: Counts as 2 pouches. Effect is an exact copy of the side pouches on a handy haversack, pouch can hold up to 20 pounds of material, not exceeding a volume of 2 cubic feet and placing an object in the pouch follows the normal rules for interacting with objects. Retrieving an item from the pouch requires you to use an action. When you reach into the pouch for a specific item, the item is always magically on top. Sadly the magic used to make the pouches is unstable and every time the pouch is opened there is a chance (roll 2D6s if the total is 7) all contents of the pouch pour out, all items can be immediately put back in the pouch.
Counterfeit: Similar to the M5 the bag randomly shifts which dimension it accesses (1d10 again), and still maintains the flaw of a true pouch, potentially emptying its "current" contents.
750gp, beware of anyone who does not allow you to test the pouch, its most likely because they don’t want their shop flooded with goblin sh*t.

All pouches, real or counterfeit have a limitation. If it is overloaded, or if a sharp object pierces it or tears it, the pouch ruptures and empties its (current) contents into the occupied space.

As stated these are only the most common, custom pouches exist and numerous variants for counterfeits. Critter pouches that can store a warhorse or always produces a spear wielding goblin ready to stab your eyes. M1, M5 and Haverpouches that have combined with others to produce a larger space with multiple “doors”. Coin pouches that “pay” with gems or coal. Ration pouches that provide wine and lamb with mint jelly or slop no suitable for an orc internment camp.

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