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Weapon (spear), Very Rare (By a creature with a charisma and dexterity of eighteen or higher.)

The Flying Spear is made differently than a normal spear, having a longer blade, and being very light.

Strange make. As this spear is strangely made, it is not a strength weapon, but a dexterity weapon possessing both the light and the finesse properties. Also when you make an attack with this spear you can choose to either do slashing, or piercing damage. Thanks to it's strange make again, it can be thrown farther, but for less damage. Dealing only a 1d4 when thrown, but is able to be thrown 30/70 ft.

Flying. As a bonus action you can release the spear and it will fly on it's own, the weapon no longer works off your dexterity, but your charisma. When flying the spear does 1d10 damage instead of it's normal 1d6. The spear possesses a flying speed of 40 ft. but can not get more than 80ft. away from you. While flying you can mentally control the spear moving and attacking with it freely. You can not be touching the spear when it is flying, if you do the spear will stop flying.


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