Flail Duelist Warrior (4e Feat)

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Flail Duelist Warrior [Greater Style]

Prerequisite: Ranger, Flail Duelist Novice
Benefit: When you are attacking with a one-handed flail or a flail with reach and you have proficiency with that weapon, you gain the following benefits

When you hit an enemy with a melee basic attack, you gain a feat bonus to damage rolls using a flail equal to your Dexterity modifier against any enemy other than the target until the start of your next turn. You gain a +3 bonus to your Hunter's Quarry damage. You may consider any power associated with this feat as a basic attack, and you may use it regardless of its requirements.

Associated Powers: Off-Hand Strike, Ruffling Sting, Deceptive Steel, Off-Hand Diversion, Untamed Outburst, Nonchalant Collapse, Death Rend

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