Flail Duelist Novice (4e Feat)

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Flail Duelist Novice [Lesser Style]

Your skill with flails opens up options in combat you otherwise wouldn't have.
Prerequisite: Str 11; Dex 15; fighter, ranger, rogue, or barbarian; proficiency with any one-handed flail or any flail with reach
Benefit: You gain a +2 feat bonus to Acrobatics checks.

When you are wielding a one-handed flail or a flail with reach and you hit an enemy with a power associated with this feat, you may make a melee basic attack instead of the second attack against the creature who would otherwise be targeted by the second attack.
You may use a power associated with this feat while wielding a two-handed flail with reach, even if you do not meet the power's weapon requirements.

Associated Powers: Dual Strike, Twin Strike, Riposte Strike, Whirling Rend
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