Flail Duelist Assassin (4e Feat)

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Flail Duelist Assassin [Greater Style]

You can use flails like other rouges use daggers
Prerequisite: Rogue, Flail Duelist Novice
Benefit: When you are attacking with a one-handed flail or a flail with reach and you have proficiency with that weapon, you gain the following benefits

When you hit an enemy with a melee basic attack, you gain a feat bonus to damage rolls using a flail equal to your Dexterity modifier against any enemy other than the target until the start of your next turn. You can use the rogue's Sneak Attack class feature and rogue powers that require a light blade. You may consider any power associated with this feat as a basic attack, and you may use it regardless of its requirements.

Associated Powers: Low Strike, Darting Strike, Imperiling Strike, Collapsing Riposte, Perfect Strike.

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