Fitzmyr's "Conjurer's Hands" (5e Spell)

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Fitzmyr's "Conjurer's Hands"
3rd-level Conjuration (ritual)
Casting time: 1 Hour
Range: Self / 60 feet
Components: V / S / M (A feather of a crow, raven, or other dark feathered bird, a pinch of salt, chalk, and approx 12 ounces of red wine, collectively worth 25 gold; Consumed.)
Duration: 8 Hours

By laying out chalk in a pattern akin to a pyramid as viewed head on from one edge, at a 45 degree angle looking down onto it, sprinkling the salt in a circle around it, connecting the points, and by placing the wine and feather within the centre of the ritual, you may pull at the weave to conjure forth many lesser beings from the ethereal plane to act as mage hands for you. They are not sentient, and you can control them without speaking. These hands, when not actively doing something, will flit around you in a circle at around half your height. These hands are notably larger than the ones created by "Mage Hand" or "Sage Hands". Once cast, 2 Spectral, floating hands come into existence and flit around you for the duration. They can hold no more than 20 lbs of weight, and cannot accumulate weight between them. The hands last for the duration, or until dismissed. Once dismissed, the hands will remain so for the next hour. After the hour is up, they return to you. The hands have the following properties:

  • The hands can hold any weapons that do not have the "Heavy" or "Special" property.
  • As an action, you may send out up to half the hands (rounded down) that are currently flitting around you from this spell to interact with objects, manipulate objects, stow or retrieve items from containers, or make attacks. When you do so, they can move at most out to 60 feet from you. When they are done with this action, you may choose to recall them to your person, or leave them where they are. If the hands are moved more than 60 feet from you, they teleport back to you.
  • The Hands ignore proficiency requirements for weapons and unarmed strikes for the purpose of making attacks.
  • The Hands have an unarmed strike, which has an attack based off of your Intelligence Modifier, doing (2d4 + Int) Force damage on a hit.
  • The Hands can make opportunity attacks when an enemy moves out of their 60 foot area of influence, however you may only make 1 attack. Additionally, you may make attacks using these hands whenever you use a feature which allows you to make reaction attacks. (Such as War Caster, Battle Master's "Riposte" Ability)
  • These hands take a bonus action to equip, however they can all be equip on the same bonus action.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 4th level or higher you gain an additional hand per spell level above 3rd

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