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Wondrous Item (Infusment with the eye of the holder), Legendary (requires attunement)

A bizarre red gemstone with an odd shape that radiates with heat, shimmering with a purple, blue, and darker blue glow emitting a dim-light source of 5 feet, it can be transfixing, and a passing observer might find themselves staring at it without even realizing. The middle of the stone seems to resemble a pupil of a dragon's eye, which seems to blink every couple of seconds. However, is that the wiser someone is, the more they might find themselves drawn to this stone, a creature of 16 Wisdom or higher being unable to stop themselves from reaching for it. Creatures with a Wisdom of 18 or higher will do anything in their power to possess the stone, including violating their moral alignment to do so. If the Eye of the Dragon is already attuned, the stone will stop drawing others to it. Once the Eye of the Dragon is attuned, the user will do anything to keep it close to them until they are subsumed entirely. The infusement can only be broken by casting the wish spell.

Eye Attunement To attune to this item, a creature with any good alignment that is a Dragonborn or related to anything dragon-like must hold it, the creature loses control over their body seeing as their raising up the hand they hold it in, with the stone getting closer to the creatures eye, the creature feels the stone's heat on its eye, losing vision from that eye, the stone fuses with the creature becoming one of the eyes of the creature which makes them gain their vision back.

Dragon's Choosing any creature with any good alignment can attempt to attune to it, but the DM will decide if the Eye accepts or rejects the creature, if the Eye accepts the creature, the process of the infusement begins. If the Eye rejects the creature, the eye mocks the creature as it glows in a huge amount of heat, exploding in a heatwave dealing 8d12 fire damage ignoring any source of resistance, the creature is set on fire taking 2d6 fire damage until it's put out by extinguishing it

Infusement of the Eye of the Dragon Once attuned, the Eye of the Dragon begins to release its energy on the user, the creature's hit points become 1 until the creature takes a long rest, they can not be healed by any kind until they take a long rest, it begins to take over some aspects of the wielder's form, the user grows dragon-like wings, their nails grow and sharpen, a dragon-like tail emerges from their tailbone, their teeth also sharpen, also obtaining dragon horns. The user gains a flight speed of 80 feet and climbing speed of 40 feet, and their movement increases to 40 feet, the wielder's ability scores change to Adult Red Dragon's, the wielder gains the ability to use Fire Breath from the dragon's stat block at will but with the DC lowering to 17 and damage to 10d6, damage immunity to fire, and blindsight 30 ft., darkvision 60 ft, if the user already has the ability of blindsight and darkvision, then it ranges increase to 60 ft and 120 ft. If the user dies with the infusement being active, the user gets revived as if they gotten reanimated, the user loses control of their body and mind and becomes controlled by the Eye of the Dragon, the Eye will search around in its new vessel seeking for the one who trapped it inside, the Eye of the Dragon loses its balance with the body they have needing to learn how to walk like a toddler. The Eye of the Dragon has the same stat block as a Ancient Red Dragon's. They gain an affinity towards any Dragonborn or another Dragon a-like honoring them, giving them anything they need as a gift or simply any information on anything they require.

All Knowing Eye the user is aware of the presence of Tiny or larger creatures within 60 feet of them that aren't constructs or undead. They also can't be charmed or frightened. The Eye of the Dragon can cast the Haste spell on the user once per day. It decides when to cast the spell and maintains concentration on it so that they don't have to.
Sentience. the Eye of the Dragon is Neutral Good. Intelligence 18 (+4), Wisdom 15 (+2), Charisma 23 (+6). The Eye of the Dragon has darkvision and blindsight with a range of 120 ft, and hearing with a range of 60 ft. the Eye can speak Common, Draconic, and Infernal, as well as any languages their user knows. The Eye can also communicate telepathically with the user, having a deep raspy breathy tone, it can also speak through its user's mouth glowing while doing so.
Personality. the Eye is secretive around anyone else who doesn't follow Dragons or have any ability similar to them, they will attempt to persuade their user to go on and search for the one who trapped it, helping it from any danger by guiding them with anything the Eye would have knowledge on the current matter at hand, it will sometimes roar out loud from the user fooling any creature that isn't its user, when the Eye sees any piece of gold it will tell its user to grab it and keep it as its own, the Eye will sadden when it sees any piece of gold being spent to buy something, it will also try to convince its user to not steal as they think it's unhonorable, the Eye will anger when it witnesses a child being hurt, turning the user into its full form to either scare or kill the assaulter no matter who they are. The Eye will tell stories of when it was free from its curse.

the Eye of the Dragon hunger for knowledge of what happened after its trapping in the gemstone, it will usually ask the user or control its user asking a passerby or person of knowledge.


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