Excelsior's Rapier (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (Rapier), rare (Require Attunement)

You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls with this magic weapon and deal an additional radiant damage equal to 2d6

This Rapier was forged by an Ancient Powerful Mage over several years , who had a giant ambition for power seeking. For unknown reasons, he commited suicide and transfered his soul and power to the sword. Its a beautiful looking rapier, during the battle the blade get a glowing red colour, and emmit a light humming. The attunement take a whole day and for completion the wielder has to take a whole-hearted commitment of killing a Dune Titan . Until so, the user of the sword will experience vivid dreams (while resting) of a person being torn apart and killed by one of those beasts. Once the beast is killed, the dreams fade away. The very first time the user wield the rapier, a voice can be heard only by the user saying "Here i lie, so its my soul. Avenge me and my beloved with this power and then, its yours".

Fireball. You can cast fireball as a 3rd level spell as a bonus action. The save DC for this spell is 16. Once you cast the spell this way, you cannot cast it again for 2 turns.

Swift Intellect The wielder of the sword get +1 to Intelligence and +1 to Dexterity

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