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Scales.png This page is of questionable balance. Reason: Quite a poor design. A dagger user isn't going to want a shortsword or longsword, and a longsword user isn't going to want to wield a dagger. So, the idea is to have a weapon that gains power as you kill things. The maximum benefit shouldn't exceed that of a legendary weapon. You are awarding this to a player as a legendary item, but it starts with benefits worse than a +1 magic sword, so there's no incentive to start using it. If you reveal the mechanics of the weapon, the character cna kill trivial creatures (rats, sheep, etc) until it is at its maximum level, rendindering the intermediary phases pointless. This whole thing needs rewriting from scratch, and awarded at a much lower rarity, but increasing with power as the character gains levels.

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Weapon (Dagger), Legendary (Requires Attunement)

A simple dagger, slightly battered. Worth nothing.

WARNING, IF ANY EVIL CHARACTER TRIES TO ATTUNE WITH THIS WEAPON IT WILL INSTANTLY KILL THE PLAYER, NO REVIVALS! Tell any evil player the attunement feels wrong, and they feel slightly dizzy.

Evolution Your dagger is not actually normal. It contains the soul of a great angel that is bent on eradicating the evil that plagues this world.

Phase One Once you kill 5 creatures with this weapon, it mentally connects to you, whispering to you. "Thank you..." it says, a flash of brilliant light emitting from it. Once the light dissipates you see you're holding a shortsword. The shortsword now has a +1 bonus to attack rolls.

Phase Two Once you kill 10 creatures with this weapon, you feel the latent mental connection come alive once more. "Bravery..." it whispers. Another flash of light emits from it, a softer light then before, more controlled. When the light fades, you feel the comforting weight of a Longsword in your hand. The longsword now has a +2 bonus to attack rolls

Phase Three Once you kill 15 creatures with this weapon, you feel the dormant psychic link flare back to life. "Pure of malice..." it whispers. You see no flash of light (Your teamates see a blinding beacon of light originate from the sword) but you see the longsword expand and twist, turning into a greatsword. The Greatsword now has a +3 bonus to attack rolls.

Phase Four Once you kill 20 creatures with this weapon, the weapon simply speaks to you. "Thank you for helping me recover. My name is (Insert angels name, DM's discretion). I was almost felled in a battle against many demons. I was forced to transfer my soul to a weapon. I thank you for finding me. For this i shall stay with you until death part us." This weapon is now sentient and gives off a soft glow of dim light for 10 feet. This weapon now deals an extra 1d10 radiant damage.

Phase Five Once you kill 15 demons, (Angel's name) speaks to you. "These demonic souls being purged from this land has helped me recover further. I thank you." The weapon now warns you of any oncoming attack, giving you a +2 to AC. (Angel's name) can also talk with you at any time, and have a rough idea of where the weapon always is. The radiant damage improves to 1d12. This weapon will also only work for you. If any other person tries wielding this weapon without your permission, (Angels name) will tell the wielder to drop the weapon mentally. If the wielder does not comply, the wielder takes 1d10 psychic damage and drops the weapon. If the wielder is of evil alignment, they take 1d20 radiant damage and drop the weapon.

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