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Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement from a bard)

The Eversong Troubadour is a small, about the size of a pendent, mercurial metal sphere that is smooth and untouched, even if should be found in a dusty, cobweb-infested room. This sphere, once attuned, floats around the user, or if it should choose can be in the pocket of the user.
You gain a +1 to saving throws while wielding this item. As a bonus action, you can have the item transform into any musical instrument you choose and you are considered proficient in whatever instrument you choose. While it is an instrument, you can create an instantaneous sound that originates from the item (such as an electric guitar strum) and make your voice boom for a minute, as though you had cast thaumaturgy. While attuned to it, your spell saving throw DC increases by 2. While attuned to the item, you can cast vicious mockery as a bonus action.

Sentience. The Eversong Troubadour is a lawful neutral item. Its Intelligence is 20 (+5), Wisdom is 14 (+2), and Charisma is 24 (+7). It can send telepathic messages to the wielder or speak out loud. It has hearing up to a range 120 ft. and darkvision up to 60 ft., and enjoys those who are thrill-seekers, fans of music and storytelling, and extravagant or showy. It can speak Common, Elvish, and any language the wielder can speak. It can only speak telepathically to those within 30 feet of the blade. It speaks in the voice of either a booming young man or an amiable young woman, as the wielder desires.

Personality. The Eversong Troubadour, regardless of its voice setting, is positive and jovial, with a seemingly endless amount of exuberant energy. It has a love of large or fancy vocabulary, such as "Hogwash," and almost gives off an air of pretentiousness when it speaks. However, it is also always encouraging to its wielder and teammates. (Eg. "Bully for you!") Conversely, it will also mock the enemy. (Eg. "This fellow doesn't seem to be very good at hitting, is he?")

Eversong Troubadour.png
The sphere in question, by Dinomaster337

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