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All tremble in their presence and only the dead have been able to tell us about them
—Nelfishna, Deceased
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Vasto Lorde are those who have become the top of the food chain. These are the top of the Vasto Lorde. The Espada roughly translates to "The Ten Blades" of which each Espada carries. Each of their blades could easily kill an entire kingdom with on swing and barely any force applied. The Espada are all about power and who is the strongest, while some do not care for power or murder. The Espada are highly feared in the eyes of the Soul Society and by Soul Reapers. While most Espada and Soul Reapers will kill each other on sight, some are more peaceful and actually talk and get along.

Becoming an Espada[edit]

Vasto Lorde become Espada to gain more power and to rule over all. You become an Espada once you kill the lowest rank, No. 9. Once you killed that Espada, you gain the ability to level up in this class. You can kill any rank at any time and you can kill all of the Espada at once, but that does not mean you will automatically gain levels in this class. Espada's are all about power, so if they feel threatened by someone of lower rank trying to take their rank, they will go and kill that Espada or creature. Espada's now that with higher ranks comes more power, so whenever the Espada feels like the right moment to strike, they will kill a higher ranking member just for their rank and power. All Espada know where the others are at all times.

Entry Requirements
Base Attack Bonus: +10/+5
Special: Killed the Rank of which you are taking (i.e Kill Rank 9 to become Rank 9. You have to Level Up normally to gain levels in this class, not just kill the next Rank. Ignore this if there are no other Espada in existence.)
Special: Must be a 10th level Vasto Lorde
Table: The Espada

Hit Die: d12

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +1 +2 +0 +2 Espada Rank 9, Grand Resurrección
2nd +2 +3 +0 +3 Espada Rank 8
3rd +3 +3 +0 +3 Espada Rank 7
4th +4 +4 +1 +4 Espada Rank 6
5th +5 +4 +1 +4 Espada Rank 5
6th +6 +5 +1 +5 Espada Rank 4
7th +7 +5 +2 +5 Espada Rank 3
8th +8 +6 +2 +6 Espada Rank 2
9th +9 +6 +2 +6 Espada Rank 1
10th +10 +7 +3 +7 Espada Rank 0

Class Skills (6 + Int modifier per level)
Any 10 Skills. (Espada are Vasto Lorde, people of mystery and practiced their favorite skills.)

Table: The Epic Espada
Level Special
11th Espada Resurrección
12th Espada Strength
13th Espada Speed
14th Espada Presence
15th Espada Abilities
16th Grand Espada Resurrección
17th Espada Cero
18th Espada Hierro
19th Espada Gran Rey Cero
20th Espada King Resurrección

Class Features[edit]

Espada gain abilities based on their rank and can rank up past Rank 0 to become even more powerful. Espada can only Rank Up by killing the current next rank holder or not if the DM say so. Espada always know where other Espada are even if they are on another plane. All of the following are class features of the Espada.

Espada Rank 9: Espada who get the rank of 9 get Basic Espada Abilities. Espada with the rank of 9 get increased Strength. They get a +5 to their Strength score and are proficient with all weapons they come in contact with. Your Zanpakuto is also are treated as one size class larger. You are constantly under the effects of SRD: Locate Creature as the other Espada know where you are and you know where they are. This ability is not Spell-Like, Supernatural, or Extraordinary and even works on other planes as well as has no range limit. You also gain a tattoo that displays your rank anywhere on your body.

Espada Rank 8: Espada who get the rank of 8 get Better Espada Abilities. Rank 8s have improved Vasto Lorde abilities. Take double the number of the abilities for your Resurrección and get 6 more points for your Hollow Abilities.

Espada Rank 7: Espada who get the rank of 7 get Better Espada Abilities. Rank 7 lets the Espada use their Zanpakuto Ability At Will instead of an Action and get a +10 to Charisma.

Espada Rank 6: Espada who get the rank of 6 get Improved Espada Abilities. Your Zanpakuto can use its ability 3 more times a day and Sonido is now 50ft + 10ft per level(Include Espada Level for all class skills for the Vasto Lorde)

Espada Rank 5: Espada who get the rank of 5 get Improved Espada Abilities. For every level they take in this class, the Espada gains another Resurrección as long as they meet the requirements. Treat all levels of this class as if they were Vasto Lorde levels, but do not gain abilities of higher level than you are in the Vasto Lorde Class.

Espada Rank 4: Espada who get the rank of 4 get Improved Espada Abilities. The Espada's Cero now deals a d10 damage and get a +5 Dex or Str.

Espada Rank 3: Espada who get the rank of 3 get Improved Espada Abilities. The Espada's Hierro now increases the bonus to +3 instead of a +2 and get 6 more Hollow Ability Points.

Espada Rank 2: Espada who get the rank of 2 get Greater Espada Abilities. The Espada gains 16 Hollow Ability Points and gain this new list of abilities

  • Cero Burst: Cero bursts out of the first target and hits 4 other people within 10ft of the original target. Make new attack rolls for each attack at the same TAB of the original hit. 5 points
  • Zanpakuto Release: You unlock the highest level of your Zanpakuto release. For Cha Mod times a day, you can release your Bankai and gain an even more powerful ability. This ability has no limit except it cannot cast spells, but can mimic spells. Talk to your DM about the ability. Can spend points to buy this again at higher levels to get an even more powerful version of your Bankai. 10 points
  • Resurrección Increase: Your Resurrección abilities now triple the bonuses or number that the specific ability uses. 6 points
  • Hierro Fortificado: Gain more Hierro for every point spent on this ability. You gain extra Hierro equal to the amount you would gain by leveling up. 4 point.
  • Resurrection: You can come back to life after dying once per year. This is like the effects of the resurrection spell. This is a Full Round Action. Each Time you take this you gain another use per year and all uses come back after 1 year. Add 5 to price for each time taken. Base: 10 points, 2nd time: 15 points, 3rd time: 20 points and so on and so forth.
  • Espada Speed: You gain 10ft to all of your speeds for every time this ability is taken. This includes spells and other abilities like Sonido. 5 points.
  • Weakness Removal: You can spend points to remove a weakness from you character. The DM determines how expansive the removal will cost and can only remove one for each time it is taken. Min 5 points.

Espada Rank 1: Espada who get the rank of 1 get Greater Espada Abilities. New Resurrección abilities are now available to you.

  • Transformation: As a Full Round Action, you can turn into any monster of a specified CR. You take on all of the abilities of the chosen monster. You can take this resurrección multiple times and increase the CR of the monster; 1 time = 1-5, 2 times = 6-10, 3 times = 11-15, 4 times = 16-20, and 5 times = +21 (Not higher then you ECL for monsters of CR 21 or higher).
  • Invisibility: The Espada no longer can be seen or touched. When this is taken you can turn invisible even while not in your Resurrección form but restricted to Cha Mod per day and permanently invisible in Resurrección form. You cannot be affected by any force type damage, go through wall of force or the likes, and cannot be seen by anything even by magic.
  • King: Restriction: Level 10 Espada. You can command and halt any one type of creature. You can take this multiple times and pick a new type of creature. You use the Command and Geas/Quest spell on the type of creature and the save is Will DC 10 + Cha Mod + Espada Level + Vasto Lorde Level.

Espada Rank 0: Espada of rank 0 get Grand Espada Abilities. Your Sonido is now 100ft + 50ft per level, your cero is a d12 instead of a d10, use their Zanpakuto ability and Resurrección an unlimited amount per day, get 20 Hollow Ability points, get 2 new Resurreccións, increase your speed bonus to be 2 double of it (LvL 10 Vasto Lorde get a +40 to speed now it is +80 to speed, do not add this to Sonido or any other ability.), and get a +10 Cha, +5 Dex, +5 Str, and +10 Con.

Grand Resurrección: Each Espada has a specific Resurrección ability that is unique to them and only they can use it. An Espada can only take one of these resurrección. You must pick one ability once you get this class ability and you cannot wait until you meet the prerequisite for one.

Half Form: Restriction: Transformation ability. Espada can transform partially into another creature. This is like a Centaur. Your stats increase by +20 Str, Dex, and Con and +10 Int, Wis, and Cha for melee based monsters and +20 Int, Wis, and Cha and +10 Str, Dex, and Con for more caster monsters. You pick the monster you become and once you pick the monster, you cannot pick another.

Dread Archer: Restriction: Ranged Zanpakuto Release. The Espada's Zanpakuto Release now can uses double damage dice, can use your release form another 5 extra times per day, fire a cero via your weapon (Instead of a standard action, one for every attack you have), has the enchantments; Bane (Your Choice), Distance, Seeking, and Speed, and get a +10 to Search and Spot and +5 to Dex and Cha. At Rank 0 you get another +10 to Dex and Cha. The stat bonuses, skill bonuses, and enchantments work outside of your Resurrección.

Hollow Knight: Restriction: Melee Zanpakuto Release. The Espada's Zanpakuto now deals double the damage die, can use your release form another 5 extra times per day, increase the damage die type by 1, Enchantments: Speed, Keen, Vorpal, and Bane (Any), can act as a conduit of your cero by adding your cero damage to the Zanpakuto damage on a hit, and get a +5 to Str and Con. At Rank 0 get another +10 to Str and Con. The stat bonuses and enchantments work outside of your Resurrección.

Wanderer: Restriction: Has to have wandered through 2 planes, 4 different types of landscapes, and survived on their own skills. The Espada no longer can get exhausted, gain extra movement speed equal to 5 * (Dex + Str + Con), and can go 1 week without food, sleep, or water. The Espada also no longer gets any negative effects for not being from that plane. The Espada also gets +10 to Survival, Spot, and Search checks. The Espada also gets +10 Str, Dex, and Con in their Resurrección form. The skill bonuses are in your normal stat instead of being apart of your Resurrección.

Espada King: Restriction: Rank 0 (You can be an unofficial rank if you have killed that rank and not leveled up yet, also you might be the only Espada in existence). You are the Grand Espada King and with that title you gain benefits. You have a Frightful Presence diameter equal to 10ft per Espada LvL with DC 10 + Cha Mod + Espada LvL when you take it, at Rank 6 you get the 20 Hollow points (which you can save), at Rank 3 you can use your Resurrección an unlimited amounts per day, and at Rank 0 you get a +20 to all stats and 5 more Resurreccións. All of these except the Frightful Presence and

Espada Resurrección: At 11th level, your bonuses from Resurrección are now tripled instead of doubled (or quadruped if they are already tripled, or quintupled if they are already quadruped).

Espada Strength: At 12th level, you gain a bonus to your Strength score equal to your Cha Mod.

Espada Speed: At 13th level, all of your movement speeds are doubled. This stacks with all of your class abilities and works on your Sonido.

Espada Presence: At 14th level, you gain a Frightful Presence ability. Your Frightful Presence equal to 10ft per Espada LvL with DC 10 + Cha Mod + Espada LvL or double the diameter and increase the DC by 10 if you already possess a Frightful Presence ability.

Espada Abilities: At 15th level, four of your stats increase by +5 and Cha is increased by +10 as well as one other score that increases by 10 instead of 5 (Cannot choose Cha again).

Grand Espada Resurrección: At 16th level, your Resurrección now lasts indefinitely and you can choose to activate individual abilities at any time instead of all of them at once. You also can still control your Resurrección if it is on or off.

Espada Cero: At 17th level, your cero now uses double of the current dice and can be used as a free action once per round.

Espada Hierro: At 18th level, your Hierro is now equal to your original Hierro + half your Vasto Lorde and Espada Level.

Espada Gran Rey Cero: At 19th level, your Grand King Cero now deals 40d12 + Cha Mod damage in a 600ft line that is 10ft in diameter. The Grand King Cero evaporates water and designates anyone killed by it or any item in its path. You can use this more a number of times per day equal to your Cha Mod + the original times per day.

Espada King Resurrección: Prerequisite: Vasto Lorde LvL 20. At 20th level, you unlock a new form of Resurrección. When you entire Espada King Resurrección, make a Will Save DC 10 + Espada LvL + Vasto Lorde LvL + Cha Mod. If you fail, you go into a blind rage and attack who ever is close to you or if you succeed, you can control your character normally. While in this form you get a +60 to all stats, get all your Resurrección abilities, and a +1000ft to all movement speed (Including Sonido). This transformation lasts for 1d6 + Original Cha Mod rounds. You can only entire this form Once every Month. (To the DM's, this form is not supposed to be controlled and is supposed to be mindless, if you want you can remove the DC and instead just make them a mindless berserker).

Playing a Espada[edit]

Combat: Melee if their Zanpakuto permits or ranged if that is what they favor.

Advancement: Espada will become what every they think will make them more powerful.

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