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Weapon (cestus), legendary (requires attunement by a creature of chaotic good alignment)

Emberfist is the collective name for a pair of big, heavy, studded, iron punching gauntlets, designed to fit over a person's hands. They are coloured in bright, fiery-orange tones, with black flame patterns decorating the tops of the hands.
You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. Whenever you are wielding them, your unarmed strikes deal bludgeoning damage, and use d8 for your damage dice. This weapon performs the same functions as a flame tongue weapon, and has the following additional properties.

Throw Flames. Instead of attacking in melee, you may instead use your attack action to punch the air with your fists, which will cause each gauntlet to cast the fire bolt cantrip at your intended target. You may target one or two different creatures with this ability. Each firebolt thrown in this manner uses your Dexterity modifier for your attack roll, has a maximum range of only 60 feet, and it's damage roll scales with your level range in the same manner as the normal cantrip would.

Ember Fury Whenever your current hit points are less than your maximum value, you may use a bonus action to go into a Rage, causing your hair to be surrounded by flames in the process. This ability functions exactly the same as the barbarian's Rage feature, and lasts for 1 minute. The rage damage bonus is at its lowest level
If you already are a barbarian, then Emberfist will simply double their damage bonus for 1 minute whenever you use your Rage feature.

Sentience. Emberfist is a sentient chaotic good weapon with an Intelligence of 10, a Wisdom of 10, and a Charisma of 18. It has hearing and darkvision out to a range of 80 feet.
The weapon can speak, read, and understand Common, and can communicate with its wielder telepathically. While you are attuned to it, Emberfist also understands every language you know.
Personality. Emberfist possesses the soul of a feisty, female brawler named Em from a past age, who was well-regarded for having both great beauty and brawn. It loves nothing more than to find the biggest, ugliest monsters it can find, and punching them in the face. Both caestus often express themselves through simple hand gestures of their own accord, regardless of wether or not the wielder is actually wearing them at the time. Combined with Emberfist's habit of hurling taunts and bad puns at potential enemies, this can sometimes get their wielder into bigger trouble than intended.
Emberfist loves three things most of all: explosions, puns, and fighting huge or gargantuan-sized monsters. It will often express its desire to fight monsters of these sizes, and will get rather annoyed if you keep fighting "small-fries" for an extended period of time. If Emberfist goes seven days or more without fighting a huge or gargantuan creature, then a conflict between it and its wielder occurs at the next sunset.
Though anyone with the right alignment can attune with the gauntlets, Emberfist is bisexual, and will sometimes broadcast its own lascivious thoughts telepathically to its wielder when encountering another, particularly-attractive male or female.

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