Elven Thinblade (4e Equipment)

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Elven Thinblade

Superior Melee Weapons


Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Elven Thinblade +3 1d8 100 gp 3 lb. Light Blade High Crit

This rapierlike weapon has the length of a longsword, but is much lighter. Elf fighters and rogues favor it. It's thin, flexible blade easily slips into the seams of armor, or between the ribs of an enemy.

High Crit

The elven thinblade deals more damage when you score a critical hit with it. A critical hit deals maximum weapon damage and an extra 1d8 at 1st–10th levels, an extra 2d8 at 11th–20th levels, and an extra 3d8 at 21st–30th levels.

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