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Wondrous item, rare

This egg is covered in odd designs that seem to change over time. As an action, you can speak the egg's command word and break it, producing an effect. The GM can choose an effect from the following table, determine it randomly, or create an effect.

d100 Effect
01 A flock of 2d6 + 6 harmless birds appear and obey your verbal commands. The flock disperses after 1 minute.
02—10 You must succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or be frightened of the nearest creature within 30 feet of you for 1 minute, which appears to be hideous and monstrous. If there are no creatures within 30 feet of you, you instead feel strangely satiated and count as having eaten all the food that you need for 1 day.
11—29 A raven appears and perches on your shoulder, where it remains for 2d12 hours or until it drops to 0 hit points, whereupon it disappears in a cloud of black smoke. It has an Intelligence score of 12 and can speak Common.
21—30 An immobile, semi-transparent cloud of fog in your likeness appears. It knows of all of your greatest achievements and praises you constantly. If you leave it and others come near, it describes those achievements to them in great detail and directs the newcomers to find you. If you are on the same plane of existence as the cloud of fog, it knows where you are. The cloud of fog disperses after 24 hours.
31—40 A plate of food appears in the nearest empty space within 20 feet of you.
41—50 2d6 large butterflies appear.
51—60 1d4 + 8 tiny green hummingbirds appear. Whenever a hummingbird is touched, it transforms into a Large or smaller monster of the GM's choice. The monster remains for 1 minute, then disappears in a puff of green smoke.
61—70 A giant eagle descends from the sky and attacks, convinced that you are a terrible villain.
71—80 A silver mirror appears by your feet. While you look into the mirror, you appear to be an idealised version of yourself.
81—90 2d6 + 2 giant lizards scurry forth. 1d4 of them are trained to carry a rider and have saddles.
91—99 A wyvern swoops from the skies. There's a 1 percent chance that the wyvern is neutral good and aids you.
00 A 10-foot wide, 30-foot tall crystal cylinder appears before you. The cylinder has AC 16, 50 hit points, and is immune to all nonmagical damage. Contained within the cylinder are a djinni and treasure of the GM's choice. The djinni implores nearby creatures to free it and promises that they can keep the treasure. A successful dispel magic (DC 17) cast on the cylinder destroys it instantly, as does a disintegrate spell.

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