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Rating: Not-Rated / 5
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Delves into ancient, crumbling ruins, disastrous crusades, and continent-spanning politics, all define the diverse environments one may find on the world of Edovall. Whether recruited by the Order of Beast Slayers of St. Kon or by the Al'Zaran Company of Sellswords, Mercenaries, and Adventurers, heroes would find a plethora of ways to explore the world of Edovall and steer the course of its destiny.

Originally conceived to pass time during boot camp, Edovall has since become the setting for most of my homebrew campaigns and content, both in Pathfinder and beyond.

For Players

Races and Ethnicities
An overview of the races and ethnicities found throughout the world of Edovall.
Classes and Archetypes
How the various Pathfinder classes fit in the world of Edovall and setting-specific Archetypes.
Character Options
Feats, bloodlines, domains, and other setting-specific mechanics.
The many languages spoken throughout the various continents and lands of Edovall.
A look into the belief systems practised by the people of Edovall.

World Information

The general history of Edovall until present time.
Groups and Factions
Guilds, religious orders, secret societies and other organizations.
Monsters unique to the world of Edovall, and adaptations of other monsters to the world.

For Game Masters

Adventure Ideas
General ideas for quests to send your players on throughout the world of Edovall.
Update Log
A page to log changes to the campaign setting. Will likely only start being used after I finish the setting's groundwork.

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