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Wondrous Item (earing), rare (requires attunement)

This earring usually appears as if made out of blue scales and coral. It contains the impression of a female merfolk's soul. This magic allows the bearer to let the vestige wash over and transform them. To craft this item , a trinket from a female merfolk who lived a fulfilled and joyous life but has now passed on is required. There exist versions of this item transforming into and requiring a male merfolk, but they are rarely seen.

Shape of the Mermaid. While attuned to this item, you can cast alter self to change into the shape of a female merfolk resembling your original form. For example, a male human would have an upper body resembling their usual appearance, with female features and some scales. If you are a dragonborn with red scales, the scales of your form will also be red, although your upper body would be that of a female human or elf. If you are an elf, you would retain your lithe body shape and pointed ears and so on. The shape is set and can not be changed. While transformed this way, you do not need to concentrate to maintain the spell and the earring fuses with you. It cannot be removed as long as you are transformed this way. As an action, you can dismiss the effect of this item and return to your original form.

Blissful. Harmless creatures of the sea, like turtles and seahorses are attracted to this item. While transformed into a merfolk, you do not feel uncomfortable for having the body of a gender or race you don't usually identify as. You have the urge to share this bliss and to try convince your companions to wear this item and find more of its type.

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