Earcovers of A03 (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement)

These strange items look like ear muffs, but are made entirely of stone and metal. The base of the Earcovers are stone with two small wires coming out of each ear piece and a small copper disc on the inside of each ear piece. On the inside of the headband portion is written "Property of A03. Welcome brother/sister/friend, (depending on creatures gender) to the beginning." The language is always written in a language that the first person who sees it can read. Only a creature that can read the writing on the earcovers can attune to them. Putting on the earcovers without attunement yields no effect. The earcovers adjust to the head size of any creature that holds them for more than 10 minutes and do not move when equipped unless removed.

Once someone attunes to the earcovers (which is done by wearing the earcovers for 8 hours repeating "A03" in your head, the two copper discs fire into the creatures ears with a staggeringly painful boom. The creature then begins to change gaining the template "A03 Online". The creatures voice gains a metallic sound and their skin becomes vaguely reflective. The creatures hair and eyes also become the same hue of red, blue, yellow or green.

A creature attuned to the Earcovers of A03 gains resistance to thunder damage and has advantage on Charisma saving throws and checks.

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