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Drop Shield[edit]

A Spartan deploying a Drop Shield.

"A temporary bubble of protection that heals those fortunate enough to be within its sphere of influence."

The Drop Shield ability provides a temporary reprieve to desperate soldiers on the battlefield. The Drop Shield covers a 15ft by 15ft sphere with a protective and invigorating shield. The shield has 60 hitpoints which recharge at a rate of 30 per round. If the hitpoints are reduced to zero, the shield drops. If the shield drops, the battery overloads and renders it unable to be re-activated for one round. While the shield is active, any living being inside the shield gains the benefit of Fast Healing 3.

Drop Shield has it's own power source. The user can use this ability for 10 rounds consecutively. Once activated the shield remains active until all 10 rounds have expired or it is dropped. If the shield is dropped, it may be re-activated to consume the remaining rounds. After 10 rounds of use, it requires time to recharge.

Drop Shield has a purchase DC of 35, with a restriction of Mil (+3)

See this page for background information.

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