Dragon Gauntlet (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

A dragon gauntlet is created from a severed dragon's arm. When worn it grants you resistance to the type of damage associated with the dragon.

The dragon gauntlet has 5 charges which can be spent on either of the following effects:

  • You can use a bonus action to spend one charge to cause your melee attacks deal an extra 1d8 damage for 1 minute. The extra damage dealt is the same type as the damage resistance.
  • You can concentrate for 1 minute to expend one charge to sense any and all dragons within a 10-mile radius. This will reveal to you the approximate direction and distance to any dragons and the size category of any detected dragons.

The gauntlet regains 1d4 + 1 expended charges every day at dawn.

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