Double Limb Crossbow (4e Equipment)

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Double Limbed Crossbow

Superior Ranged Weapons


Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Double Limbed Crossbow +2 2d6 23/46 30 gp 7 lb Crossbow Splinter, Hazardous, Load Two Minor

A large crossbow with four limbs and two strings, It's very difficult to handle but is unparalleled for raw damage on a ranged weapon.


When you score a critical hit with this weapon the bolt splinters causing additional damage, on a critical hit you deal and additional 2 damage, this increases to 4 damage at 11th level and 6 at 21st.


This weapon is unusually difficult to handle and can harm a user if mishandled. On an attack roll of a natural 1 the user of the weapon takes 1d4 damage, this increases to 2d4 at 11th level and 3d4 at 21st

Load Two Minor

This Crossbow takes more effort than most to load, it takes two minor actions to load this weapon, one to pull back each pair of limbs. The speed loader feat reduces the reload to one minor action.

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