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Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Disruptor Common 1d8 lightning 10 lbs. Range (30/120), light, plasma cartridge, special

Built from the wreckage of Forerunner sentinels, the Banished disruptor fires bolts of electricity converted from slightly modified Covenant plasma cartridges.

Plasma Cartridge. This weapon uses a single plasma cartridge as ammunition. Each shot uses 10% of its charge, and reloading takes an action or bonus action.

Small Armament. When making an attack against an enemy within 5 feet, you do not have disadvantage.

Shield Breaker. This weapon deals twice as much damage to temporary hit points.

EMP. When a vehicle is hit by an attack with this weapon, the target gains 1 level of EMP. If they do not gain any levels of EMP between the end of their previous and current turn, they lose all levels of EMP. When they gain their 7th level of EMP, they become paralyzed until the beginning of the user's next turn.

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A Type-25 Plasma Pistol, [source].
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