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Best Animal Companion for a Druid[edit]

Ryan B. 17:23, 3 April 2008 (MDT)[edit]

What do you guys think the best animal companion(im tired of using that word already...lol) for a lvl 20 druid about to hit 21???


Sledged (talk)
2008 April 3 18:20 (MDT)

I kind of like the 4-HD dire badger (not the standard 3-HD version).

However, if you go outside the druid. A paladin 6/beastmaster 1/halfling outrider 10/wild planes outrider 3 strongheart halfling's wyrmling gold dragon makes the best animal companion and paladin's mount. Supermount!.

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I think the standard ones you can have a first level are the best, you get the full advantage of your level when you get the standard companion.

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