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Hi, I am Hatman and I am currently testing all of my projects at home and with my friends before I show them to all of you. I have one completed, Tortons (3.5e Race). More recently I have done some very very minor work on making the Brenthar's Hammer quest playable by making the [[Brenthar's Hammer (DnD Equipment)|hammer]]. I got [[Mir-a-zong (DnD NPC)|Mir-a-zong]] for the quest started. Aarnott did the cleric bad guy for this one, so thanks Aarnott, I am so glad you did that one for me. If someone could help me edit the quest, you could take the credit if you wanted. Thanks for putting up with me, everyone. And even more thank you to the people fixing my stuff and pointing my mistakes out to me so I can fix them. I am going to start another project soon, so I cant work on the other quest. I have an idea for a creature. I want to make the Mothman soon, so tell me what you think when I put it on. I just made a new NPC, Kevin the Redundant Werewolf! Good news, it seems the quest stub I was working on about a year ago has been deleted!!! Now there are just some odd NPCs out there left over from the quest. That would be Mir-azong and Jolner for anyone who cares.--Hatman 00:47, 8 May 2009 (MDT)

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