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Demiplane Portal
7th-level conjuration
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 30 feet
Components: V, S, M (a gem worth at least 1,000 gp)
Duration: Instantaneous

You create a portal to a demiplane corresponding to the material gem in range. The portal occupies a 5 foot square, and can only be created in an open space. When the portal is created, the material component of this spell vanishes. The portal leads to a 10 foot cube with gem-like walls and moderate ambient light. Any creature can pass through the portal to this demiplane with any form of movement.

The portal remains open until you close it by using an action and touching the portal. When you do, the material gem reappears in your hand. Objects inside the demiplane when the portal closes remain there, but living creatures must make a Charisma saving throw against your spell DC. If it succeeds, the creature is ejected harmlessly out of the demiplane. On a failure, the creature is banished as though by the Banishment spell.

Using the same gem as a component in a later casting will open a portal to the same demiplane room. If the gem is lost or destroyed, other planar magic will be required to reach the demiplane, if at all.

Demiplane etching

The caster can choose to, instead of opening a portal, etch miniscule special runes onto a gem. An etched gem connects to a different demiplane than it did before, and the new demiplane may have special properties according to the specific kind of mineral used:

  • Onyx: The demiplane is affected by permanent magical darkness.
  • Sunstone: The demiplane is full of true sunlight.
  • Moonstone: The demiplane is full of true moonlight.
  • Emerald: The demiplane doubles natural healing within, and plants grow ten times as fast.
  • Ruby: The demiplane is warm and arid. Wet objects dry rapidly within.
  • Diamond: The demiplane cannot be closed while a living creature is in it, by any means.
  • Jasper: The demiplane will mend items inside, as with Mending, over 24 hours.
  • Aquamarine: The demiplane is forever full of water that does not escape the portal.
  • Amber: The demiplane slows entropy, and items inside do not deteriorate, decay, or spoil.
  • Rose quartz: Creatures inside the demiplane are filled with peace. When they attempt to make an attack or cast a spell on an unwilling target, they must make a Wisdom saving throw or they lose the attack or spell.
  • Amethyst: Creatures inside are able to rest much more efficiently, taking a full rest in only two hours.
  • Opal: Each time the portal is opened, the demiplane can take on an illusory appearance- but cannot hide objects or creatures inside.
  • Quartz: Creatures and objects inside the demiplane are invisible- the demiplane always appears empty.
  • Bismuth: The portal opens to a different demiplane each time. The demiplane connected to may have any sort of planar detritus within, lost things, broken and useless things, or occasionally, treasure or danger.

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