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Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

A magically enhanced, but otherwise unassuming in appearance, deck of 54 playing cards. Perfect for playing a few hands with your friends and enemies alike... Particularly the ones who always seem to have a convenient excuse to leave when they're down on their luck and owe you a small fortune in bets.

This deck of cards can take whatever appearance the DM OR the player which acquires them chooses, so long as they retain the size and shape of typical playing cards. Upon acquiring this deck, the owner becomes proficient in throwing the cards. As an Action the player may choose to throw one card (utilizing a normal ranged attack roll), the damage and attribute of which are determined by drawing a card from a physical deck.

Suit Atribute
Spades Necrotic
Clubs Cold
Diamonds Lightning
Hearts Fire
Face Value Damage
Ace 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8
9 9
10 10
Jack 11
Queen 12
King 13
Joker 1d20

Once a thrown card comes to a stop it vanishes, leaving behind only the damage and lasting effects of its carried attribute. A card will also vanish in the same way if torn in two or damaged to more than 50% its physical integrity. The cards are able to be destroyed by all means that would normally destroy a playing card; There are no immunities granted by their carried attribute. All cards are returned to the deck on the fifth dawn from when the first card of the full 54 had vanished, however the deck may be freely shuffled as often as the player chooses.

A card may also be thrown as a bonus action or as a reaction, at a penalty of half the usual damage rounded down (minimum 1).

If a player has the Second Attack feature, they may throw as many cards as the number of attacks available to them.

Once the player has owned this deck for the duration of two levels, they may instead use a bonus action to draw a card and apply its effect on their weapon. This must be declared before the player draws their card. The next successful hit with that weapon will deal its usual damage, plus the damage of the card, all under the attribute granted by that card's suit.
Example; A rapier imbued with the 3 of Hearts will deal 1d8 + The character's normal modifier + 3 fire damage.
If this is done, no cards can be use for the remainder of that round. The buffs provided to a weapon by a card wear off after at the start of your next turn and using a second card overrides the buffs granted by the first.

From left to right, an example of the deck's King of Hearts, the art adorning the back of the cards and the King of Spades.

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