Deck of Plenty, 4th Variant (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, legendary

A magical deck of cards, when you draw a card the following effects happen. Use a normal deck to draw. Cards reappear after 1d6 year(s).

Spades ♠

A- You get a cursed wand of magic missile: acts normal however any damage dealt is also dealt to the nearest young orphan.

1- You get a sentient cloak that just complains about the weather

2- An indestructible sword that can not be sharpened and is extremely dull

3- A hat that will make anyone who puts in on them self fall asleep

4- You get boots of blinding speed, Your speed doubles and you lose all vision when worn

5- You own a blacksmiths forge in a main city

6- You know where a guild of assassins is located in a main city

7- You get a scroll of falling with style- when used you launch 100 ft. in the air and gives +20 to performance checks until you touch the ground

8- You get a ring of five lives, you are revived five times after death, however, the people closest to you contract an unknown disease that is incurable, fatal and immensely painful each time you die

9- No apparent effect, you taste like roast beef and smell like gravy

10- A sentient hat that reads your mind and only gives bad advice and insults

J- Everything you eat tastes like raw human meat

Q- Everything you eat tastes like smoked elf

K- Everything you eat tastes like fried gnome

Hearts ♥

A- Whenever you lie to your spouse, you gain 10 gp

1- You are mildly displeased by wimps

2- You have an authority problem (you hate authorities)

3- You become the leader of a rebellion against an unfair king

4- You become a dictator of a small island with 1 person to get food (enough food for 10 each day) and 1 maid

5- You are forced to judge a witch trial (in salem Oregon) brought on by fanatic Catholics

6- You get the effects of two cards from the Deck of Many Decks

7- A fanatic cult forms seeing you as their God, they will do anything for you

8- You know where a Leviathan that wants to train you lives

9- Whenever you look at your reflection, you appear to be the opposite gender.

10- 1d100 fireworks shoot out of the card exploding everywhere, if they hit you take 1d2 fire damage.

J- Would you rather burp farts, or fart burps. Whichever you choose happens.

Q- You are now the proud owner of a Swiss Army Ring

K- You are the proud owner of a medium airship. Equipped with a crew.

Clubs ♣

A- You get a ring of Stargate

1- A Great Wyrm Blue Dragon illusion appears in front of you, it stares at you growling. It lasts for 1 hour.

2- You become obsessed with Atlantis.

3- You gain the ability to breathe underwater

4- You gain a swimming speed of 200 ft

5- You gain a storehouse of every alcoholic drink you know of.

6- You gain blacksmiths tools and proficiency with them.

7- You have +2 to strength rolls using your dominant hand

8- You learn to speak read and write deep speech

9- You learn to speak fiend spider

10- You own a mansion in the shadowfell somewhere...

J- You get a job as a waiter at a maid cafe

Q- You lose 2 intelligence permanently

K- You get a pet spectral owl. (cannot interact with prime material plane)

Diamonds ♦

A- Blood starts flowing out of your pores, you are not losing blood but generating it.

1- The room fills with glass and you are encased in it. It is weak and requires a Strength DC of 10 to break out.

2- You are now a virgin

3- You lose your virginity

4- You can eat glass

5- You get a strange metal device that fits small metal pieces in it (M1911)

6- Your eyes switch places. Effects determined by DM.

7- A knife flashes before your eyes

8- Your life flashes before your eyes

9- Your wife flashes before your eyes

10- Birdlife flashes before your eyes

J- You can cast the Shield spell as a cantrip.

Q- You gain the ability to summon a companion cube.

K- You get a portal gun. Hell yeah.

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