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Wondrous Item, rare (none required)

The Deck of Ok Occurrences looks like a deck of regular playing cards, but infused with the magic of mild successes and inconveniences.

1. Ace of Diamonds - For 1 minute, you are now lethargic and nothing can stop you from taking a nap wherever you are.

2. King of Diamonds - You gain 10 EXP

3. Queen of Diamonds - You find a llama

4. Jack of Diamonds - You are now the enemy of an Awakened Shrub. It will cease following you only by death.

5. Two of Diamonds - You can reroll one roll. This card must be used on your next roll.

6. Ace of Hearts - You lose 10 EXP

7. King of Hearts - You tell a mildly funny joke

8. Queen of Hearts - A nonmagical weapon you are proficient with appears in your hands. You are allowed to choose the weapon.

9. Jack of Hearts - You can cast Minor Wish one time. This must be used in the period of one day or the card loses its magic.

10. Two of Hearts - You gain the service of a 1st-level Fighter for 10 minutes. You control this creature to every extent except asking it to die.

11. Ace of Clubs - 10 gold pieces disappear from your pocket.

12. King of Clubs - One ability score increases by 1 for 1 minute, DM's choice.

13. Queen of Clubs - You gain 20 EXP.

14. Jack of Clubs - You can ask a question (to the DM) and receive a vague answer, not really saying yes, but not really saying no. You can use this card within one year.

15. Two of Clubs - You become incredibly hungry for 1 minute, eating everything in sight, even if it is not eatable.

16. Ace of Spades - You stutter your words for 1 minute.

17. King of Spades - Your toast lands butter side up.

18. Queen of Spades - You lose 20 EXP.

19. Jack of Spades - You see a pretty butterfly. You are filled with happiness for 5 minutes. This can be disrupted by taking damage, someone shaking you, etc.

20. Two of Spades - You have clammy hands for 1 minute. Disadvantage on Charisma checks relating to shaking hands, etc.

21. Joker (without TM) - You pick a rose without being pricked.

22. Joker (with TM) - Your pants are slightly too loose for 1 minute.

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