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Wondrous Item, legendary

This deck is always found in a carved ivory box, and contains 22 cards. When you open the box, you hear a message left by the creator of the deck informing you and anyone within 15 feet of the box the rules of using the deck. You may draw no more than 3 cards, and for each card you draw you must make a sacrifice - One of the following must be placed in the box before each draw;

  • 1000 gold pieces or an item of equal or greater value.
  • A written note signed with your blood declaring that you agree for your lifespan to be shortened by 1d4 years.
  • A marked vial of your blood to agree in the loss of your vitality (Hit Points) equal to a roll of your highest hit die - your Constitution modifier (minimum of 1 hit point).

When your sacrifice has been accepted you may draw a card. The deck does not create items, but instead plucks it from the current plane you are standing in. Once you have drawn your declared amount from the deck, it becomes invisible and incorporeal to you and you cannot draw again from it for 100 years. If you do not draw the declared number of cards after a day, all items you have received from the deck and the deck itself vanish.

The deck contains 5 types of cards and have the following distributions;

  • The Community (8 cards) - A mundane or common magical item appears at your feet.
  • The Judge (6 cards) - An uncommon magical item appears at your feet.
  • The Lord (4 cards) - A rare magical item appears at your feet.
  • The King (3 cards) - A very rare magical item appears at your feet.
  • The Hero (1 card) - A legendary magical item or artifact appears at your feet.

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