Deck Of Plenty, 1st Variant (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, legendary

A deck of Cards with different Magical effects. Cards reappear after 1d6 year(s).

Spades ♠

A - No apparent effect, but you will find that you win first place in the next competition you enter

2 - You have a flashback to your librarian days (Which you not have)

3 - You suddenly realize you like the taste of human meat

4 - You get a metal kielbasa sausage

5 - You grow really fond of wieners

6 - You taste delicious

7 - You can cast a 10 minute ritual spell to turn a bucket into a bucket, it shines during the transformation, appearing to turn into something mystifying, but then returns to be a bucket.

8 - Every insult you make turns into vicious mockery

9 - Your head is twisted, it is now backwards

10 - You swap genders

J - The card turns into a Bag of Holding

Q - The card turns into a Skeleton Key

K - You get a bag of Transmutation (It appears to be a normal bag at first)

Hearts ♥

A - You fall in love with travelling, you must not stay in one place for more than a week or you become greatly distracted

2 - The card turns into a box of chocolates, each with a random potion effect decided by the DM

3 - You hate love in general, and any PDA offends you greatly

4 - You fall in love with death

5 - You fall in love with flight and you must always feel the rush of air on your face

6 - You fall into love, a love potion, that is and you gain the powers of Cupid.

7 - A giant hearts forms out of the card and starts rolling towards you like a boulder from that movie with the guy with the whip and cool hat.

8 - Your heart doubles in size, visibly beating on your skin.

9 - You fall in love with pain and suffering

10 - You are obsessed with reproducing

J - You fall in love with noble

Q - You fall in love with a prostitute

K - You fall in love with a member of the royal family

Clubs ♣

A - A gust of wind constantly surrounds you

2 - Your sneezes are so powerful they can create mini-tornadoes that deal 1d4 force damage

3 - You gain the ability to tell what direction the wind is blowing

4 - You can summon a pacifist air elemental that will do whatever you want it to do so long as it is peaceful

5 - You are thrown into the sky 250 ft up and must take appropriate action, even if you are underground you fly 250 ft above ground level for whatever you are under.

6 - You gain access to shipping yards and their secret cargo but are wanted by authorities

7 - You gain access to the black market but are hunted by a certain faction of black marketers.

8 - You get your own personal rain cloud that follows you wherever you are

9 - An anvil weighing 120kg drops on your foot from 10ft above, you are grappled as it is falling dealing 1d10 bludgeoning damage

10 - A monster with a CR equal to your level forms out of the card.

J - You are magically age 5 years

Q - The card turns into a crown, however the crown is cursed and you cannot take it off, it causes your eyesight to get worse and worse, decreasing your sight determined by the DM

K - You learn of a powerful artifact in the elemental plane of air

Diamonds ♦

A - Your hand flakes off

2 - You lose all possessions in the prime material plane

3 - You are possessed by a ghost, no one notices

4 - You grow deathly ill

5 - Your eyebrows grow 2 feet long, blocking your vision. They can be cut but grow back every minute to their original length.

6 - You gain telekinesis but only with dwarves. (You do not need to be a dwarf)

7 - You gain the ability to become intangible once a day for 30 minutes, you can pass through non-magical materials.

8 - You are knocked into a coma where you must face your greatest fear to awaken, you have disadvantages on rolls inside the coma/dream.

9 - The card wraps around your finger and disappears. You now have 9 fingers. (hmm)

10 - The card multiplies into 10 different cards, one of which grants a magical ring, the others are dipped in poison (Determined by the DM)

J - You gain 40 kg

Q - You become haunted by a dead queen that thinks you killed her, she is really annoying and is considered a great distraction if you are trying to concentrate.

K - Your skin turns to a diamond material, very hard and very shiny.

Marked Joker- You are marked for death by a cult

Plain Joker- You are transported onto a different plane of existence (Determined by the DM)

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