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Weapon (glaive), legendary (requires attunement)

Dawnbringer is a white-shafted glaive with a platinum and gold etched blade. Runes trail the spine of the blade on both sides, ancient powerful runes from a time long past. The shaft seems to be made of a plain white wood, and has small detailed symbols carved onto it's surface. It is impossible to identify the origin or make of this weapon. The majority of iconography and runes adorning this blade are related to the sunrise. You have a +3 bonus to your attack and damage rolls with this magic weapon. This weapon deals an additional 2d6 radiant damage on a hit. When you hit a fiend with this weapon, this bonus damage is doubled.

Bask in the Light of Sol. While holding this weapon, as a bonus action, the wielder can command Dawnbringer to emit radiant light. The weapon starts glowing for 1 hour emitting 30 feet of bright light and an additional 30 feet of dim light beyond that. Evil creatures within the bright light have disadvantage on saving throws and ability checks. Fiends within this light suffer these effects, as well as suffering disadvantage on all attack rolls. This light can not be dispelled or covered by any darkness, magical or otherwise. On your turn, this light may be dismissed with no action required. Once this property has been used, it can't be used again until the next dawn.

Guided by the Light. While holding this weapon, the wielder gains can see through all darkness, magical or otherwise.

Protected by Sol. While holding this weapon, the wielder gains resistance to necrotic damage.

Continual Light. While holding this weapon, the wielder can cast the light spell.

Warmth of the Light. While holding this weapon, the wielder can cast the daylight spell. This property may be used 3 times, and this weapon regains all expended uses at dawn.

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