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Weapon (Staff), Legendary (Requires attunement by a Bard)

A wooden staff that winds around and around with a bluish gemstone at the top that appears to have clouds moving around inside of it. This was the staff of Darius Wind, half air genasi, half elf. Darius was a great storyteller and entertainer and he drew the attention of all those who could hear him. He could play several wind instruments at once with the help of the air genasi in him and he was very quick with his fingers thanks to his elvish heritage. However, one day when he was travelling a wizard met him and requested he come and play for him at his castle. Upon refusing the wizard he was attacked, and though put up a good fight, was imprisoned in his walking stick.

While attuned to Darius you become extremely light (relative to your weight and upon DM's discretion) and quick on your feet. As a bonus action you can send a blast of air out of Darius sending you shooting 50 ft into the air, or pushing anyone in your way 20 ft away in a 4 ft cone.
Sentience. Darius is a Chaotic Neutral being and acts as carefree as anyone can. He has an intelligence of 16 (+3) a Wisdom of 15 (+2) a Charism of 20 (+5) and notices all winds or breezes no matter how light. He knows many forms of music and can recognize almost any song. He speaks Auran, Elvish, Common, Halfling, undercommon, Sylvan, and any languages his wielder knows. He can communicate verbally if he wishes or telepathically with his wielder.
Personality. Darius is a carefree bard who always tells you stories whenever you aren't busy and always, always sings before you sleep, sometimes he will even teach you a new song or two. Whenever there is a wind or breeze Darius seems to become very happy and excited and compels you to fly into the air.

Darius the Staff

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