Danger Chimes (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, uncommon

These barbaric wind chimes are strung by tendons and hair, binding an arrangement of bones, teeth, arrowheads, broken pieces of weapons and armor, and clay medallions inscribed with images of war and death. A small, shriveled eye dangles from the bottom of the center string. These chimes are 1 foot long and weigh 1 pound. They barely sway or rattle, even in strong wind.

Grisly Sentry. While the chimes hang, you can touch them and cast alarm as an action. When you cast alarm in this way, its range is 60 feet and you can choose to designate up to a 40-foot cubic area. The alarm is always audible, causing the chimes to rattle. The sound of the rattling is not particularly loud or alarming but is distinctive and can be heard by any creature within 60 feet of the chimes that you designated for the spell to ignore. A creature who can hear the alarm can touch the chimes at any time while the spell is active and choose to have the alarm awaken them if they are sleeping. The spell ends early if the chimes fall or are destroyed. You cannot use the chimes in this way again until the next dawn.

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