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Weapon (Crowbar), rare

The Crow-bar is a bizarre melding of weapon and bird, likely crafted by a mad mage with a sick sense of humor. It appears as a dark piece of solid steel, with a nail-remover bit on one end, and a seemingly alive crow on the other. The crow does not appear to require food, or drink, does not age and does not die, even if hit repeatedly. It just blinks, and occasionally stirs or caws.

The weapon is considered a simple weapon, deals 1d6 piercing damage and has the light property. When you hit a creature with this weapon, the crow caws loudly, though whether in pain or joy, is unclear.

Crow's Flight. By holding the Crow-bar just so, you can actually compel the bird to fly. As a bonus action you can use the crow-bar to fly 60ft. You cannot hover and will drop at the end of your turn, unless you stand on solid ground or are held aloft by other means.


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