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Simple Ranged Weapons


Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Crossling +2 1d6 15/30 50 4lb. Crossbow, Sling Load free

A mix between a crossbow and a sling. Like a crossbow, it has a grip that controls the firing mechanism and can be activated with one hand, as well as a bow-faced fitting where the projectiles exit in the center, along the loading body. The primary difference is the string, which is wide, with a strip of leather, usually, formed into a cup-like holder that can hold things like potions and alchemical concoctions. It is very similar to the dejada of the Dark Sun campaign setting but lacks the setting association and has a greater range. it can be loaded with any small item (like a potion) and still be fired like a regular crossbow, but with half the range. The damage is determined by the object thrown, as well as any additional effects, like alchemist fire or poison grenades.

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