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Create a new Spelljammer ship.

Creating a Spelljammer Ship[edit]

A spelljammer helm can be placed on any construction and it can traverse the Flow, but only a streamlined vessel can move efficiently; and only a vessel with oars or sails can maneuver.

At the simplest level, a seafaring vessel can be adapted with a helm and become a spelljammer ship.

See Spelljammer Ships for examples.

Basic Statistics[edit]

The following rules are based on the DMG section on Ships (pp. 119)

Armor Class

Based on what the ship is made of

Hit Points
Damage Threshold

Ships are objects, so are immune to poison and psychic damage.

1. Choose a Hull[edit]

The hull itself does not cost anything: the framework is included in the cost of the components below.

Damage Threshold are used in the ship-to-ship combat system.


A vessel has either a nautical hull, terrestrial hull or dual hull.

  • A nautical hull allows the vessel to land on water – it is seaworthy. If the ship has a nautical helm, it can steer and use its rigging to maneuver. This vessel will crash and take damage if it lands on solid ground.
  • A terrestrial vessel has legs or shock-absorbent landing pads. It can land on solid ground, but it is not seaworthy. It will sink if it lands on water.
  • A Dual hull is both a nautical and terrestrial hull combined.

This choice does not effect the vessel's space-faring performance.

Reverse Deck

As Spelljammer ships exhibit planar gravity, they can have a "reverse deck" on the underside. Some components can be placed on the reverse deck. A ship constructed as such is not seaworthy and will sink if it lands in water, nor can it touchdown on solid ground without those components being destroyed.

2. Choose Components[edit]


Dwarf Components
Rock Gnome Components

3. Special Options[edit]

Geomorphic Hull[edit]

The ship is constructed from a hollowed-out asteroid or other large geological body. This is common design with starfaring races fond of mining, such as dwarves.

  • A geomorphic hull can have any number of Armor (Stone) components at no cost.
  • Such a vessel is never seaworthy
  • Due to its non-streamlined hull, it gains no benefit from Rigging components.

4. Other Statistics[edit]

Air Bubble[edit]

A ship has an air bubble that provides breathable air for one person for one months per ton of laden weight (rounded down) Thus a 50-ton caravel can support 12 crew for four months. The longevity of the ship's air bubble is also effected, with two Small creatures counting as one crewperson, and one Large creature counting as two crewpersons.


Note the applicable speeds the ship is capable of from Spelljammer Travel: Atmospheric, Space and/or Nautical.

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