Converting D&D Classes to d20 Modern (D20 Modern Variant Rule)

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Here is a rough conversion for D&D base classes to d20 Modern builds, this was inspired by the sparse conversion guide for classes in Urban Arcana.

Converting D&D Classes to D20M Classes
D&D Class Base Class-Advanced/Prestige Class Occupation
Archivist (HoH) Smart/Xenophile (d20 Future) Shadow Scholar (UA)
Artificer (ECS) Smart/Techno Maage (UA)/Artificer (UA) Apothecary (UA)
Barbarian Tough/Thrasher (UA) Primitive (d20 Past)
Bard Charismatic/Dedicated/Glamourist (UA)/Personality Celebrity
Cleric Dedicated/Acolyte/Ecclesiarch (UA) Novitiate (UA)
Druid Dedicated/Shaman (d20 Past)/Shapeshifter (UA web) Primitive (d20 Past)
Fighter Strong/Archaic Weaponsmaster (UA) Squire (UA)
Marshal (MH) Charismatic/Field Officer (d20 Future) Military
Monk Strong/Martial Artist Cloistered (d20 Past)
Mystic (Class) (DCS) Dedicated/Mystic (UA)/Ecclesiarch (UA) Novitiate (UA)
Noble (DCS) Charismatic/Personality Aristocrat (d20 Past)
Paladin Strong/Archaic Weaponsmaster (UA)/Holy/Unholy Knight (UA) Squire (UA)
Psion (EPH) Charismatic/Telepath Psychic (UA)
Psychic Warrior (EPH) Strong/Battle Mind Squire (UA)
Ranger Tough/Wildlord (UA)/Shaman (d20 Past) Adventurer
Rogue Fast/Infiltrator/Gangster (d20 Past) Criminal
Sorcerer Charismatic/Sorcerer (d20 Past)/Archmage (UA) Hedge Wizard (UA)
Swashbuckler (CW) Fast/Swashbuckler (UA)/Musketier (d20 Past) Squire (UA)
Wizard Smart/Mage/Archmage (UA) Hedge Wizard (UA)

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