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Contents May Differ

Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Contents May Differ Crafted (DM's discretion) 2d6 piercing 7 lbs Loading, Versatile, Reload 7, Misfire 3 (range 125/450)

NOTE: This weapon is intended to be a craftable item for Matthew Mercer's Gunslinger Archetype

[Revolving Hand Cannon]

“It’s like a deck of cards, you don’t know what you’re gonna get--Unless you’re the dealer.”

Revolving like a larger pepperbox, but with only one barrel, the Contents May Differ is the first revolver of its kind. It is a seven-shot firearm that requires two hands to fire properly. It can be fired one handed if needed, though this is not recommended. This weapon fires specialized basic, elemental, or exotic slugs that decimate any foe with amazing force.


Iron Grip: Due to the immense and concentrated power of this weapon, it must be two-handed or risk damaging your firing arm. If using one arm, you must succeed a Strength saving throw of 15 or take 2d6 bludgeoning damage.

Master-crafted Cylinder: The build of this weapon allows for non-standard ammunition, including modified slugs. Up to two of each type of elemental slug can be loaded, there is no maximum for the total amount of elemental slugs that can be loaded at a time. Only up to one of each type of exotic slug can be loaded, a maximum of two exotic slugs can be loaded at a time. See Ammunition


Basic Slug: 1lb of iron or lead, 1 ounce gunpowder, tinkerer’s tools to craft 5. Standard ammunition with no extra damage, can be used on its own or combined to create elemental or exotic slugs. These can be made during a short rest.

Elemental Slugs: Add additional damage and damage types. To create Elemental Slugs, simply combine an item that has the property of the damage type with a Basic Slug. These can only be made during a long rest.

Acid Slug: 1d4+4 Acid Damage. Basic Slug combined with Acid or Acidic item (Batches of 3)

Ice Slug: 1d4+4 Cold Damage. Basic Slug combined with Ice Crystal/Gem/Item (Batches of 3)

Fire Slug: 1d4+4 Fire Damage. Basic Slug combined with Fire Crystal/Gem/Item (Batches of 3)

Shock Slug: 1d4+4 Lightning Damage. Basic Slug combined with Lightning Crystal/Gem/Item (Batches of 3)

Poison Slug: 1d4+4 Poison Damage. Basic Slug combined with Poison or Poisonous item (Batches of 3)

Exotic Slugs: Add additional damage and damage types. To create Exotic Slugs you may need to do one of three things depending on the damage type:

If the Slug needs to be blessed, infused, or harmonized by a certain class, a level 1 spell that deals the corresponding damage must be used on the Slug. The caster needs to make a DC 15 Spellcasting Ability check to see if they succeed. (Sorcerer makes a Charisma check, Cleric makes a Wisdom check, etc.)

If the Slug needs to be combined with something, simply combine with the correct slug.

If the Slug needs to be assisted mid-shot/mid-air, an effect or ability of the corresponding damage type must be used on the Slug with a DC 15 Spellcasting Ability check.

Blessed Slug: 1d6+5 Radiant Damage. Fire Slug must be blessed by Cleric or Paladin (Cast at least level 1 Radiant damage spell) (Batches of 1)

Kinetic Slug: 1d6+5 Force Damage. Shock Slug must be infused by a Wizard, Sorcerer, or Warlock (Cast at least level 1 Force damage spell) (Batches of 1)

Boom Slug: 1d6+5 Thunder Damage. Shock Slug must be harmonized by a Bard (Cast at least level 1 Thunder damage spell) (Batches of 1)

Death Slug: 1d6+5 Necrotic Damage. Poison or Acid Slug must be infused with Undead matter (Batches of 1)

Mind Slug: 1d6+7 Physic Damage. Cold Slug must be assisted by Physionics mid-shot

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