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Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement)

The item resembles a blank wooden board that is 5 inches thick and 2 feet in length and 1-foot wide. The board weighs 12 pounds and always appears clean. When a map is placed on the board the wood cracks and hues to replicate its detail such as patches turning blue to reproduce the map’s colored denotings of water or cracks copying the map’s borders, buildings, landscapes, mountains, and symbols. The board then begins to recreate the map in three dimensions for the next hour. During this time brass cogs are revealed from the cracks and rotate raising folds of wood that form miniatures of the altitudes, hills, castles, houses, trees, and other natural or created structures depicted on the map.

After the board recreates a map the gears lock in place. When a creature touches a point on the recreation it and any other creature within 10 feet of the board is instantly teleported to that destination. If one of the creatures teleported by this magical item is attuned to it the board is teleported with them. The destination doesn’t have to be on the same plane of existence as the board. An unwilling creature that is within the area during teleportation can make a DC 16 Intelligence saving throw to steady its mind, preventing itself from being involuntarily teleported by the map. Only the side that the recreation is resting on can teleport a creature.

The accuracy of the teleportation depends on the scale of the map. If the map is of a scale of 1000 feet per inch or lower a creature reappears in a random unoccupied space within a 10-foot radius centered on the point that was touched on the board. This radius increases by 10 feet for every 1000 feet the scale is increased. If there is no unoccupied space within the area a creature is shoved to the nearest unoccupied space out of the radius taking 1 force damage for every 5 feet the creature must travel.

The recreation is not indestructible. When a creature that is not attuned to this item touches a point on the board, roll a d20. On a 2 or lower, the structures retract into the cracks which then close and the board becomes blank again. The area previously portrayed by the board permanently becomes inaccessible to teleport to using this item. If you are attuned to the board and use it for the same map more than once within a 24 hour period, you must also make this roll. Any map that overlaps with an area made inaccessible by this feature is also impossible to teleport to using this item.

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