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CR 2

Male human fighter 2
CE Medium humanoid (human)
Init/Senses +3/Listen +0, Spot +0
Languages Maridian
AC 18, touch 13, flat-footed 15; +1 dodge from Dodge
(+3 Dex, +5 armor)
hp 15 (2 HD)
Fort/Ref/Will +5/+3/+0
Speed 20 ft. in breastplate (4 squares), base speed 30 ft.
Melee masterwork scythe +6 (2d4+3/×4)
Ranged longbow +5 (1d8/×3)
Base Atk/Grp +2/+4
Abilities Str 15, Dex 17, Con 15, Int 13, Wis 11, Cha 10
Feats Combat Expertise, Dodge, Improved Trip, Weapon Focus (scythe)
Skills Climb +7 (+3 with armor), Handle Animal +5, Jump +7 (+3 with armor), Swim +7 (-1 with armor)
Possessions masterwork scythe, longbow, breastplate

CR 2

Male dunner fighter 2
NE Small humanoid (dunner)
Init/Senses +4/Listen +1, Spot +1
Languages Maridian
AC 19, touch 15, flat-footed 15
(+1 size, +4 Dex, +3 armor, +1 shield)
hp 13 (2 HD)
Fort/Ref/Will +4/+4/+3
Speed 20 ft. (4 squares)
Melee rapier +4 (1d4+1/18-20)
Ranged poisoned dart +7 (1d3+1 plus poison)
Base Atk/Grp +2/-1
Atk Options +1 attack and damage with ranged at 30 ft. or closer, no penalty for ranged attacks into melee
Abilities Str 13, Dex 19, Con 13, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 12
Feats Iron Will, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot
Skills Climb +9, Handle Animal +6, Intimidate +6, Jump +8
Possessions rapier, ten poisoned darts, masterwork studded leather, masterwork buckler
Poison (Ex) Injury, Fortitude DC 14, initial and secondary damage 1d4 Str. Basil's darts are poisoned with Large monstrous spider venom (Injury, Fortitude DC 13, initial and secondary damage 1d6 Str)
Skills Basil is an exceptional climber. He has a +8 racial bonus on Climb checks, and can always choose to take 10 on Climb checks, even if rushed or threatened.

NOTE: Clyde and Basil are NPCs in the Years of Gold setting, and the entry reflects that. They should be easy enough to adapt to games and campaigns in other settings, but remember to check them over for Pansaer-exclusive content.


The brawn.

The role of an orphan on Pansaer is an indescribably hard one. In a world where every man and woman can barely look out for themselves, absolutely no one wants an extra child to weigh them down. In Redford, all orphans are sent to a large orphanage in the northernmost slums of the city, where they're kept in inhuman conditions. This too was the case with Clyde and Basil.

The two grew up in the orphanage, tormented by the older kids and famished from lack of food. To avoid death by starvation, most orphans take to a life of crime or prostitution (often both), and so did Clyde and Basil. The two looked out for each other, making their life much easier than most. Thanks to their brutal childhood and grim devotion to staying alive, both grew up to be hardy men - Clyde a sour-faced, grim thug, Basil a heartless, sociopathic sneak.

At first they shunned an offer of employment by Carl von Arnberg, but when they discovered what the job description was, they took it. They now work as hired muscle: officially they protect the bee-fields east of Redford, but in practice they blackmail and browbeat the foes of "the Sweet Slaughterer of Basket".

Appearance and beliefs[edit]

The appearances of Clyde and Basil complement each other: where Clyde is large (5' 9'' and 190 lb.), Basil is small (3' 4'' and 110 lb.) Where Clyde is ugly, Basil is handsome. Where Clyde wears rough tunics and muted clothes, Basil dresses himself in the finest cloth and most extravagant colors. When in the fields or taking care of Carl's more nefarious business, the two can instantly be recognized by the yellow scarves they wear as evidence of their affiliation.

Their personalities work much the same way. Clyde is a down-to-earth, pessimistic brute. He says little, preferring to let Basil do the talking, and generally keeps to himself unless drunk, in which case he can get violently intrusive. Basil, on the other hand, is soft-spoken, optimistic and speaks nonstop, as he rather likes the sound of his voice. His demeanor is somewhat feminine, and his cruel streak shows when he laughs at the misfortune and pain of others. Both of the two are enthusiastic gamblers.

Followers and allies[edit]

See Carl von Arnberg.

Recent activity and plans[edit]

See Carl von Arnberg.


The brain.

Clyde and Basil work best in combination when fighting. Their battle plan has been thought out many times, and changes little from fight to fight: Clyde, as the sturdier of the two, takes the front, simultaneously taking down enemies with his scythe and protecting the feebler Basil, who keeps to the back and singles out a foe to pellet with poisoned darts.

Clyde keeps himself alive with Combat Expertise (taking a +2 dodge bonus to AC and a -2 penalty on attacks), and invariably attempts to trip enemies with his scythe, slowing down opposition. Basil on the other hand is at his most dangerous with his darts: repeated poisonings reduce an opponent to a feeble mess - and allow Clyde to more easily trip them. When forced to, Basil protects himself with his rapier.

Deep down, the two are actually fairly tired with life, which when combined with their gambler personalities means they rarely, if ever, run from a fight if there's the slightest chance of winning. If Basil goes down, Clyde attacks the opposition in a thoughtless rage, but if Clyde is felled, Basil retreats to plot a vicious revenge.

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