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Name Race Levels Description
Alezander Droven halfling Cleric 4 Halfling Cleric
Black Pete half-orc villainous fighter 4 A famous pirate-slaver with a 5,000gp bounty on his head
Clyde and Basil
Dorn Thundercrass Dwarf Fighter 4 A half crazy marooned dwarf useful in a drow campaign
Drago and Monn Gerring
Grubba bugbear rogue 1 Sample character for variant rule, Extended Racial HD-Class Level Swap.
Jinger Zamore human Bard 4 Human Bard.
Klod gnome Fighter 4 Scout 4 Retired mercenary, now a crusty majordomo for a small northern village.
Magre Bronzesteel dwarf Barbarian 4 Dwarf Barbarian
Princess Nerys of Hatteras half-nymph human expert 3 Princess-diplomat of Hatteras
Shadow Striker (3.5e Class)
Tamaria Smelts human Bard 4 Human Bard.
Torg Cudean Dwarf Cleric 4 A dwarf cleric fanatically devoted to the sun god Auri.
V'Darn Griever Spellborg Thri-Keen Rogue 1 A cool-minded warrior who serves the cause of peace in the world.
Yrlen Dark Elf 3 Yrlen is a dark creature superficially identical to an elf. Having found his skills give him an advantage on the material plane he joined the assassin's guild leading a group of himself and 2 other dark creatures who followed him from the shadow plane.
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