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Weapon (club), rare

This club, be it wooden or metal, hums with a magical energy which allows for the repellent of projectiles that come into contact with this weapon. This weapon is more than capable of making any projectile run home.

Projectile Redirection. If you are the target of a successful non-magical projectile attack, you may make a Dexterity Saving Throw equal to the creature's successful attack roll. On a succesful save, you may pick a target within a 50 ft. cone in front of you(this cone may be in any direction, so long as the attacking creature is within the cone as well); the target creature or object instead takes the damage for the attack, and the attack does extra damage equal to either your Strength or Dexterity modifier.

If the Club of Projectile Redirection is silvered, you may attempt to reflect magical projectiles, however the caster's Spellcasting Modifier is added to the necessary DC. This does not work on spells that do not require an attack roll, such as Magic Missile or Cure Wounds.

A simple wooden club that's been enchanted with magic energy.

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