Clockwork Triple-Mode Rifle (5e Equipment)

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Clockwork Triple-Mode Rifle

Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Clockwork Triple-Mode Rifle 500 gp Varies 40 lb. Ammunition (Ranged 60/180), Reload (30), Heavy, Two-Handed, Special

This rifle is a clockwork device requiring reloading and rewinding after 30 shots. This rifle is mostly made of gunmetal brass, for it’s corrosion resistance. It is, however, in a steel shell to protect the more delicate pieces, as a result it is quite heavy. It has 4 external cogs (one of which is stationary and controls the firing mechanism) and 2 hand cranks (one for rewinding and one for full-auto type-b). Changing modes requires a bonus action (except for between full-auto type-a and full-auto type-b, which is a free action). It also has a scope that can be pushed into/pulled out of the frame with a bonus action.

The gun can be upgraded to a +3 by a watchmaker/steampunker, further improvement requiring a spell caster (must also be a watchmaker/steampunker).

Special. This gun has three modes of fire:

1 - Semi-Auto In this mode, one external cog is pushed forward, causing a single rotation of the firing mechanism’s cog.

• Fires one bullet

• No penalty to accuracy

• Damage 1d8 piercing + dex

• May be used with the scope effectively, doubling effective range and giving a +1 to accuracy, but limiting close range (within 30ft) causing a -1 to accuracy.

2 - Burst-Fire In this mode, two external cogs are pushed forward, causing three rotations of the firing mechanism’s cog.

• Fires three bullets

• -1 accuracy penalty

• Damage (per bullet) 1d8 piercing + dex

• May be used with the scope, doubling range and removing the penalty to accuracy, but limiting close range (within 30ft) causing a -2 stacking penalty to accuracy.

3 - Full-Auto In this mode, three external cogs are pushed forward, causing a varying number of rotations of the firing mechanism’s cog.

This mode has two types:

3 type-a - Controlled Auto:

• Fires five bullets

• -2 accuracy penalty, may be used to target two creatures within 5ft of each other (when targeting two creatures, take a -3 against the second creature and divide damage dice how you see fit BEFORE rolling to hit).

• Damage (per bullet) 1d8 piercing + dex

• Can not be used effectively with the scope

3 type-b - Spray’nPrey:

• Uses a hand crank instead of the trigger.

• Weapon gains the Stabilizing property.

• Fires fifteen bullets in a cone with an effective range of 30ft

• Anyone in the cone must make a dex saving throw (DC 8 + your proficiency bonus + dex), taking half damage on a success. Aiming normally is impossible.

• Damage 3d6 + dex

• Due to normal aiming being impossible, there are no advantages or disadvantages to using the scope attachment when using full-auto type-b.

• Action surge or other similar effects do not allow you to make another attack unless it is a bash attack (1d6 bludgeoning). Attempting to fire the gun (in Spray’nPrey mode) twice in one round will cause it to become jammed for 1d4 rounds as the mechanisms within unwind to clear the jam, harmlessly expelling all unfired bullets. The gun will require reloading and rewinding before it can be fired again.

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