Cloak of Frozen Scale (5e Equipment)

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Armor (Cloak), Very Rare (No)

Pale scales that were once attached to an Ancient Ice Dragon. It seemed as if the cloak had a life of its own, often flapping in an unfelt wind.

  • Chilling Stealth Five minutes invisibility, once per long rest. Any damage or actions other than movement breaks this invisibility.
  • Freezing Touch Speaking the command word and pointing to a target sends the cloak rocketing forward, wrapping around the target and casting Inflict Wounds as a level 3 spell (5d10 Cold Damage)
  • Protection of the Living. Throwing the cloak over a target - Up to two medium creatures - creates a tent that they can see out of, but none other than yourself can see into. This grants them immunity to cold.
The Cloak of Frozen Scale

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