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Cost: 3,500 gp up to ~34,000 gp (including all bonus add ons)
Speed: 60 feet
Carrying Capacity: Up to 5 tons (max weight before the reduction) with the double reduce enchantments, 2 tons (max weight before the reduction) with a single reduce enchantment
Weight: 1800 pounds

Cleriot (Cleric Chariot)

This 8 wheeled Armored wagon is a vehicle used to transport clerics, other healers, and their optional security staff to the seriously injured. They are mobile stations meant to help heal or at the very least stabilize the patient(s) and can be used to to get the .

The Cleriot is a twice the size of a standard carriage in terms of length, width, and 50% larger in terms of height, allowing up to 4 patients, 2 to 4 care takers, and 2 to 4 guards to fit comfortably. Up to two modified sigils of the reduce spell can be etched into the floor (they remain active for up to 6 hours per charge & must be recharged using spell slots equal to its spell level once expended) of the vehicle dividing its (and the items carried within it) weight by 8 for each applied sigil. Each of the wheels can have a modified sigil of the spell haste etched into them, which increases the vehicle speed by 10 for each pair that is enchanted. If all 8 wheels are hasted, it makes the wheels turn an additional time without any effort from the creatures pulling the vehicle. This means that the animals would technically only be pulling the vehicle half of the required distance with their own effort. Due to the more intense and near permanent nature of these enhancements, these wheels wear down far more quickly than normal and must be replaced at least 1d6 times (rolled during item creation) as often as other wheels of their kind, at 75GP per wheel. These mods can be increased at additional cost (1500GP for each reduce sigil /2000GP for each haste sigil). The enchantment of the wheels can be further increased by a freedom of movement sigil, that would allow the vehicle to move without being pulled at all for up to 4 hours per charge. This upgrade can increases the cost of the vehicles tremendously (7,500GP per sigil for standard versions/2,500GP for versions with 8 hasted wheels)(bringing the cost of the vehicle up to 30,000GP).

Special Features

This vehicle has an AC of 18, has 250 HP, is resistant to slashing and piercing damage, and although it can be normally damaged by fire, flame retardant materials can make it relatively inflammable, & it has 8 unlockable slots for archers, throwers, and casters to shoot from.

Those that ride in this vehicle have access to the following benefits:

  • Cleriots generate 1d4 + 2 5e SRD:Healer's Kit every dawn via 2 item conjuration runes in the cleric workstation. (capacity can be increased at a cost {75GP per extra d4})
  • If patients are properly secured in their gurney, they count as being under the spell Sanctuary (5e Spell) due to its enchantment runes.

More defensive options can be added at the costs listed below:

  • Activated with the abjuration rune at the cleric workstation: (Alarm (5e Spell) 10GP (lasts 1d4 days per charge), Arcane Lock (5e Spell) = 50GP, (lasts 1d4 days per charge), Cure Wounds (5e Spell) - [lvl two] = 400GP, 1 target per charge with 10 charges per day, Death Ward (5e Spell) 800GP, 1 target per charge with 5 charges per day).
  • Activated with the spell storing rune at the cleric workstation (can swap out for 2 other cleric spells at cleriot creation): Bane (5e Spell) = 150GP up to 4 targets per charge with 3 charges, Bestow Curse (5e Spell) = 300GP up to 3 targets per charge with 2 charges
  • Any medicine checks made without using or outside the scope of a healer's kit is made as if under the effect of the Guidance (5e Spell) spell as long as their is at least 1 charge of both cure wounds & death ward left in the abjuration rune.
  • Regeneration station (1000GP if selected prior to construction starting) has items, that when used together replicate the effects of the Regenerate (5e Spell) once per day.
  • if a patient that is brought aboard is under an effect that can become permanent but is not yet permanent, the effects can be paused until they exit the vehicle by activating the optional enchantment rune (750GP) at the cleric workstation. This pause can last up to 24hrs per charge with 2 charges.

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