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The Rimworld is full of skilled fighters, both Magical and not. From the mighty Psycasts of the Empire, to the anomalous Ancients who roamed the world long ago.

Classes work differently from normal 5e. These cannot be obtained without the use of an outside item. This does not mean you aren’t allowed to make a character for your campaign that has a class, just consult with your DM if you do so.

Giving your character a class is optional as not all characters need one, rather being a powerful addition to your Trades.


The ancient art of Psycasting is a technology safeguarded by the Empire. Psycasters have access to a wide variety of magical powers through manipulating some unknown quantum force, kept secret by the Empire. Becoming a Psycaster requires a psylink neuroformer, a device that installs a psylink into its user. Neuroformers are extremely rare, and the secret to making them is highly sought after. The easiest way to get a neuroformer is to become a yeoman of the Empire, but they can also be found in ancient ruins and are often distributed to members of the Deserters.

Psycasting is completely different from vanilla DND magic. A psycasters level is increased through the same means as any other class, getting xp. Leveling requires half of the standard xp requirement of a vanilla class. XP is also gained per short and long rest, 50 each short rest and 100 per long rest. Spells are learned completely differently, each type of psycaster has their own spell tree which allows you unlock 1 new spell every level as long as you have the prerequisite spells. Spells are not prepared, instead they are all treated like cantrips. But to balance this, they need a certain amount of Focus to cast. Focus starts at 100 (increasing by 10 for every level gained), and is spent like MP to cast spells. It is restored fully on every long or short rest. Casting spells also generates neural heat, which applies a level of exhaustion every time it goes over the limit. The limit starts at 100 and increases by 10 every level. For example, at level 1 having 100 neural heat applies one level of exhaustion, while 200 applies another level of exhaustion. Neural heat is decreased by the limit every short rest, and is reset fully every long rest. You can multiclass into any kind of psycaster you want, it costs one level to buy one of the starter spells just as if you were buying one from your initial tree.

Acquiring another psylink neuroformer will instantly increase your psylink level by 1.


“Become a psychic leader, buffing friends and draining energy off of enemies.” Archon psycasters are tacticians who use every pawn on the field to their advantage, both allied and enemy.

Word of Trust Same effect as Suggestion.

Initial spell, requires no other spells to unlock.

Costs 10 psyfocus, generates 10 neural heat.

Word of Productivity Same effect as Bless.

Level 1 spell, requires Word of Trust to unlock.

Costs 15 psyfocus, generates 15 neural heat.

Blinding Pulse Same effect as Blindness/Deafness (with only the blindness option).

Level 1 spell, requires Word of Trust to unlock.

Costs 15 psyfocus, generates 15 neural heat.

Word of Alliance Same effect as Charm Person.

Level 2 spell, requires Word of Productivity to unlock.

Costs 20 psyfocus, generates 20 neural heat.

Word of Alliance Same effect as Charm Person.

Level 2 spell, requires Word of Productivity to unlock.

Costs 15 psyfocus, generates 15 neural heat.


Nature gave out its call, and you answered. By meditating and listening to the calls of nature, you have gained this mystical power that allows you to alter the world as you see fit. This class should focus of destructive and damaging psycasts.


The machine whired again, so you gave it another offering. Is it a God? Is it a curse? No-one knows, but you do feel as if something is always looking over you. Maybe you peaked its interest after all? This class should focus on healing psycasts.


They were all blind to the truth anyways, so why does it matter if they lose their eyes? Can they not see what I do? Can't they understand that sight is holding us back? This class should focus on melee with secondary psycast options.


The trees have always been nice to me, so when given the opportunity to benefit, who am I to refuse? To think that assistance would be from these frog like creatures though. This class should focus on swarming enemies and utility.


Humans are inefficient. Forget one table and they go punch a nuke. So, why bother with them? Robots are so much more efficient, never tiring and never needing a break. This class should focus on distracting enemies and crowd control.

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