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Wondrous item, Very Rare (requires attunement)

The Circlet of the Fae has long been a mystery- showing up at seemingly random points in history before vanishing. Some of the greatest wizards have theorized that it reveals itself only to those it chooses. A golden band embellished with three jewels: one red, one orange and one blue.

After attunement, you learn its uses. While wearing it, once per long rest you may use one of the following as an action:

Radiant Healing -Activated with the command word "Remedium". The red jewel begins glowing and a wave of soothing magical energy radiates from it, healing all creatures, including you, within a 30ft radius sphere centred on you (see below). Undead are not affected.

Shared Courage -Activated with the command word "Animosius". The orange jewel begins glowing and a pulse of brilliant energy bursts forth, granting all creatures, including you, within a 20ft radius sphere centred on you with new courage. On each creatures next turn, they may gain advantage on one ability check, saving throw or attack roll it makes. If its next turn ends and it has not used this, it is lost.

Protection -Activated with the command word "Praesidium". The blue jewel begins glowing and the spell Resilient Sphere is cast on yourself. The DM rolls a d6- on a roll of 1 or 2 the spell is also cast upon another creature within a 60ft radius sphere. The DM chooses the other creature this affects. Since you are not casting the spell yourself, you do not have to concentrate on it. However, once cast you can not dismiss the spell before the duration is up.

You or another creature may remove the circlet from your head with command word "Exonero" as a bonus action.

The circlet mirrors your progression- as you grow stronger, so does the circlet.

The amount each target is healed by the Radiant Healing ability increases as you gain levels:

  • Lvl 1 - 1d10
  • Lvl 5 - 2d8
  • Lvl 10 - 2d12
  • Lvl 15 - 2d20

When you reach 15th level, after completing a long rest, you discover that the blue gem has somewhat changed. The Protection ability is replaced with:

Shift -Activated with the command word "Subcinctus". The blue jewel begins glowing and the spell Etherealness is cast on you. The DM rolls a d4 and on a roll of 1 they may choose for one other creature of size small or larger within a 120ft radius sphere of you to travel to the Border Ethereal with you. If this happens, you and/or the other creature may only dismiss the spell once one of you is defeated or if you are/ become not hostile towards each other.

"Perhaps we will never fully understand the workings of the Faeries, but they truly are something to behold"- Mordenkainen, Circle of The Eight.

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