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Lesser Deity
Symbol: Skull with snake weaving in eyes
Home Plane: Negative Energy Plane
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: War, Disease, Plagues, Dead Armies
Clergy Alignments: Any Evil
Domains: Death, Destruction, Evil, War
Favored Weapon: Flail
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More information...

Chigra is Lady Nocrat's son from before she was turned, he meant the world to her and she could not bare to lose him when he was struck down in a duel shortly after she was turned, Valkek 'saved' the boy who at this point was no soldier and had no place fighting. That night Valkek took Chigra to the home of the man who killed him, a noble who was twice the age of Chigra and had seen many wars. Before they left Lady Nocrat gave Chigra a blanket so he would stay warm (even though at this point he was as cold as a cemetery gate). Valkek entered the estate first, slaying the guards, house maids, and any not royal who slept within, Chigra entered and saw the gore, though sick to his gut the pain turned to hunger and he rushed up the stairs to the sleeping quarters of the family, to the adults he slayed them as they slept, the children he took his blanket, soaked it in the blood of their family, mixed it with his own diseased blood, and tucked them in. The man who killed him, he saved for last, he gagged him and showed the carnage to him, showed his children sleeping and unwittingly ingesting the diseased blood from the blanket that now soaked the whole bed, the man broken and weeping he stripped and tied to the roof of his own house, and left him there for the morning house maids to arrive and find. Chigra reborn was no boy, he was a monster, the children of his defeated rival died and he raised them as his own play things, the had them bring him more corpses which he either raised for fed off of, Chigra lead the family to the era when they had direct rule over the living, his undead army caught the lands off guard to say the least.


Second chances are meant to be taken. Don't waste your enemies, everything has use. Defeating someone is one thing, eradicating them is a far greater thing.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The Temples of Chigra are small and most of the time are built into armories, Many vampire families who worship him say a prayer to him whenever they retrieve weapons. His clergy study to be master tacticians, and will often lead undead armies when they form (which is pretty rare to begin with)


A young boy the age of thirteen, with a fitted suit of plate armor and a full helm. His eyes glow is more vibrant than even Valkek's, as if his eyes were on fire with red energy. His holds a flail with two hands, mostly to keep unaware opponents off guard to his true strength, he keeps a small round shield on his back, which if he calls for it animates.

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