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Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This magical prosthetic arm is made of a heavy, rough metal, with a dark blue tone and little shine. If used to replace a lost arm, the user effectively regains the function of that arm.

The arm is attached and detached simply through thick leather straps, no surgery required.

The hand of this gauntlet can detach itself, held on by a chain. As an action, you can focus energy into the arm. There is no limit to how often you can do this, but you cannot do so if energy is already focused into it. You can consume the focused energy on any other turn to perform one of the following special maneuvers:

Chain Grab

You can perform this as a bonus action on any turn other than the one when you used the "focus energy" action. As a bonus action, you launch the hand of the gauntlet forwards, grabbing onto an object or creature up to 30 feet away.

  • If you grab onto an object, it is dragged to your location, or you are dragged to it if it is heavier than you. You cannot grab onto sheer surfaces, such as most walls.
  • If you attempt to grab onto a creature, make a ranged weapon attack (however, the creature can choose to let the attack hit them). On a successful hit, they are dragged to a free space of your choice 5 feet away from you. If they are of a larger size class than you, you are dragged to their location instead. Pulling the creature does not provoke opportunity attacks against them.

You can only perform this action if your gauntlet hand is not wielding a one-handed weapon. Shields are allowed, as are weapons held in two hands; in the case of the latter, the gauntlet lets go of the weapon, and wields it again as part of the same action.

Chain Strike

You can perform this freely during any turn you use your action to attack, other than the one when you used the "focus energy" action. One melee attack you make with this arm on your turn gains 30 feet of reach. You cannot perform this action with a two-handed weapon. If you perform this without a weapon, or while wielding a shield in this arm, it is treated as an unarmed strike.

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