Censer of Remembrance (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, rare or very rare

Created by spellcasters to refocus their energies and accomplish more before having to rest, these censers allow you to access powers, in limited amounts, in a much shorter time period to adjust as the day goes on.

Once a day, during a short rest, a spellcaster whom prepares their spells each day may meditate while burning incense within this Censer. If the entire rest is spent this way, and is completed uninterrupted, they may choose up to their spell casting modifier in spells (Minimum 1) to unprepare, replacing them with other spells on their list. The only limit is that these new spells must be of a spell level they can cast, and they must have prepared them in the past at least once, in order to "remember" them in this fashion. This item cannot be used again in such a manner until the next dawn.

However, if you burn 100gp worth of incense, you may get one more use out of it in a given day, but you are limited to half of you spell casting modifier in spells (Minimum 1), rounded up. The incense is consumed after being used in such a way.

Very Rare These Censers have an additional property, burning the incense in such a way that it can stir the senses. When used during a short rest, in addition to the above properties, a spellcaster may sacrifice up to 5 hit die, and regain up to 5 levels in spells slots, at a cost of one die per level.

These slots can be one 5th level slot, or any combination of slot levels that sum to 5 or less. This cannot create more slots that your maximum for any given spell level, and you can also not create slots that you do not normally have access to (A level 5 caster cannot create a level 4 or 5 slot, for example.) Once this feature has been used, the item cannot be used in such a way until the next dawn.

If you burn 100gp worth of incense, and sacrifice another hit die, you may increase the slot levels recovered by one. Each additional slot costs 100gp and one hit die, and you can only increase these slots by up to half of you spell casting modifier (Minimum 1), rounded up. All incense is consumed after being used in such a way.


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