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Bundled Feats[edit]

Certain feats suck. I said it. They just suck. Some feats are supposed to be balanced because they provide an advantage for characters early in the game, but taper off in power. The problem is, there are a lot of feats that provide an advantage for characters throughout their career, not just at the start. This makes those other feats that are only even remotely ok at level 1 seem pretty bad.

This set of rules allows a character to pick a feat bundle instead of a feat when they would gain a feat from gaining a level. Every time they gain a feat for gaining a level (including the level they pick the feat bundle), they can add one of the feats in the bundle to their list of feats until they have added all of the feats in the bundle to their feat list. At this point, they don't gain any new feats from the bundle (if that wasn't obvious). The feats still require any normal requirements. You can only take a feat bundle if you can gain a feat when you take it (no picking an epic feat bundle at first level).

If you would gain a feat from a bundle through a class, but you already have that feat, you can gain a different feat from the bundle at that level instead.

Feat bundles should have a common theme and not have whole feat trees (unless the whole tree is only equal to one feat). Bundles should end up equaling one decent feat (maybe a bit more since the power from the bundle is spread over several levels). They should also have at most 5 items (item creations were my exception).

Feel free to add your own!

Here are the feat bundles I have come up with using the SRD:

Magic Item Crafter

Note: Craft Construct is not included because it is a more specialized feat.

Epic Magic Item Crafter


Tough Guy




Quick Fighter


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